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Problems and Solutions

Problem: Figuring out how to set up a computer with the PASS security software so our site could monitor their video cameras.  This was a high priority for our site; unfortunately our site coordinator did not have information about the system requirements or software used. It took some time to get information from the company and when they faxed the information, there was some confusion about when and to whom they faxed it.

Solution:  Through perseverance, Jill was finally able to get the information about the system requirements and software needed.  However, we found out that we needed software that Prairienet did not have- a Windows 2000 router and Windows XP.  Our site coordinator’s laptop had the required XP, but lacked the RAM capabilities to get the video feed.  We also had trouble putting Service Pack 2 on the computer because it had not been updated in quite some time, but received software at the last minute so it could be loaded onto the computer in ESL.  We were able to find out the system requirements, so that our site could buy the needed software in the future if they wanted.

Problem:  Finding printers for our site.  While this was a medium priority, we were able to meet most of our high priorities early on and it would be needed at the site eventually.  However, finding printers that worked proved to be a difficult and time consuming task.

Solution:  Finally after spending about 6 hours loading drivers and software for printers that just didn’t work, we were able to find one printer that worked fine.  Heather also convinced her parents to donate their old, unused Lenmark printer that was still functional to the cause.

Problem:  Hooking up the Compaq desktops to the Internet.  The network cards on the motherboard were no longer working.

Solution:  After much frustration and troubleshooting, we finally realized that the network cards needed to be replaced, so we put in new cards.

Problem:  Our site faced financial difficulties and could not afford to get their electricity turned on in time for our ESL visit.

Solution:  The computers and equipment were put into storage in ESL and will be installed by volunteers when the electricity is turned on at Opal’s House and our site coordinator contacts Paul Adams.