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Plan of Execution

The Steps the Organization Needs to Accomplish Prior to Computer Delivery

Opal House will strive to:

  1. have electricity in working order.
  2. obtain Internet access.

The Steps the Project Team Needs to Accomplish Prior to Computer Delivery

  1. Quality control check computer hardware; rebuild and run diagnostics as needed.
  2. Install Windows 98, Open Office, and Internet Browser software on computers
  3. Research Pass Security sytem and options for video camera output.
  4. Build network cables.
  5. Inventory Prarienet stock for available printer(s) and a mouse.

Potential Risks That Might Hinder Fully Accomplishing the Plan

-equipment failure
-complications with dropping a cable from the Intake room to the basement if a networked computer is installed
-time constraints during the time of lab delivery and installation
-limits with obtaining printer(s) and computer mouse