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Implementation Plan

Week 9

October 14th-October 20th, 2007

  • Determine what computers have been assigned to Opal’s House
  • Begin computer scrub
  • Meet with Prof. Wolske and communicate our plans

Week 10

October 21st-October 27th, 2007*

  • Send plans to Site Coordinator, Essie Calhoun
  • Contact Pass Security about networking & roving functionalitis
  • Finish computer scrub
  • Begin Windows 2000 installation
  • Install Network Interface Cards (NICs) on 4 computers

Week 11

October 28th-November 3rd, 2007

  • Finish Windows 2000 installation
  • Study site diagrams and determine cable-length & number needs
  • Receive cable-making tutorial
  • Explore Pass Security technologies further
  • Communicate with Site Coordinator, Essie Calhoun (cable measurement, pass security update, progress-to-date)
  • Update Prof. Wolske on project progress and plans; communicate switch and cable needs

Week 12

November 4th-Novmeber 10th

  • Finish making cables (leave 2 of 9 to do at site b/c of length)
  • Determine printers and mice stock; test & install where possible
  • Begin installation of Open Office on all computers
  • Run diagnostics, add updates, and explore virus protection software for Site Coordinator, Essie Calhoun’s laptop computer

Week 13

November 11th-November 17th

  • Fully assess & understand what we can and cannot do w/regards to video surveillance system installation
  • Update Site Coordinator on project progress & status of video surveillance system installation
  • Finish Open Office installation (1 computer left, Marcia)
  • Continue printer acquisition & testing
  • Consider strategies regarding which computers will go where
  • Run, test all computers
  • Make Opal’s House website default home page on all computers
  • Determine how to test network topology and test it-use 8 port switch
  • Firm up monitor & keyboard selections

Week 14

November 18th-November 24th


Week 15

November 25th-December 1st

  • Design posters for Opal House users regarding safe computer practices
  • Finish printer testing
  • Clean all computers
  • Final preparations for lab delivery
  • Pack computers, mice, monitors, keyboards, switches, cables, and drill bit
  • Record full inventory
  • Deliver lab
  • Sketch final floor plan implemented