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Final Recommendations

Here is a list of items we wish we would have addressed in more depth, had we had more time.  Hopefully many of these issues can be resolved soon; for the rest of these, future groups working with Opal’s House should take them into consideration.


  • Purchase and install a new printer for upstairs, and new printhead for printer downstairs
  • Making available USBs for the women who stay at Opal’s House
  • Ensuring that the 5.2 version of the VPN for InfoNets is installed
  • Ensuring audio functions for Staff 2 computer.  Attempt was made to install audio driver on Staff 2 computer, but may have been unsuccessful


  • Computer training for the staff at Opal’s House, as well as Essie
  • A How-To Computer Maintenance manual

Interior Decoration:

  • Repainting the room
  • Carving out a more well-defined space for the children’s art therapy

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