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Website Upgrade

One of Essie’s highest priorities for us was to update her website.  The current website had wrong phone numbers and no way for Essie to update or maintain it.  With Martin’s suggestion, we developed a WordPress website, which would allow Essie easy access to maintenance.  Since WordPress is originally designed to create blogs, this would also allow Essie to post updates on the main page in efforts to keep the website fresh and active.

Martin provided us with access to the existing files for the original site as well as a WordPress space to get us started, and then we went to work transferring the information.  WordPress operates through “Themes” which determine the appearance of and features included on the site.  Choosing a theme that met the needs for our new site proved to be fairly challenging, but once we settled on one, things came together fairly quickly.  The most difficult part of our task proved to be maintaining the header for the website, to include the image (which was important to Essie) and the title and subtitle from the original site.  However, with some fancy Photoshop work, we managed to create a banner that looked very similar to the original.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the new site.  We think that although it doesn’t look exactly like original site, we were able to capture the essence of it.  The new site will also appropriately allow the updating capabilities that Essie needed.

Below is the URL for the AWESOME new site:

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