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Second East St. Louis Visit

For trip number 2, we arrived at Eagle’s Nest in the early afternoon, and after having lunch we worked on the website for Opal’s House.  We picked out a nice-looking theme, thanks to Martin and then Essie came to meet us there.  Essie liked what she saw of the website, and she gave us more information, such as updated phone numbers, to put on there.  Afterward we went to Opal’s House to have another look at the basement area the majority of the computers were going to be put.

After being in the basement for a little while considering our options in terms of space, Essie came down to us with an announcement.  “Alright girls, change of plans,” and Essie ushered us up to meet Braden and Jayden, two little boys who were going to be our new best friends for the rest of the day there. Opal’s House had just had a new family come in that day, and while the mother was being settled in, Braden and Jayden were getting antsy to say the least.  Braden and Jayden were wonderful kids, with more than their share of curiosity and energy, so by late afternoon Emily and I had fit in our workout for the day. We joined again with Martin and the rest of the group, and made our way to Old Country Buffet.

After dinner, the entire group decided to go to the City Museum, which speaking for myself, was some of the most fun I have had in a long time. It felt like a well-timed bonding activity for the entire class, and by the time we got in the van home, I was a little bit bruised, a little sweaty, and wanting to go back so that I could go through more tunnels.

Getting an early start the next day, Emily and I returned to Opal’s House.  We were charged with a number of tasks to be done before we left: 1) replace the doorbell on the rear entrance, 2) replace a floorboard, and 3) test network cables.  Luckily Emily and I were no strangers to power tools, but it definitely ended up being a collaborative activity. It felt good to successfully problem solve, and Emily and I acted like we had won the lottery after finally getting the doorbell working.  We learned that we needed to have female jacks from doing the network cable testing, for the purpose of security and simplicity.  Being able to spend more time in Opal’s House helped to solidify our vision for the space, and overall it was a productive and awesome trip.

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