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Opal’s House Measurements

How’s everything going? Fine I trust, I’m sure by now you are preparing for the holidays and a little R & R! I was wondering if by chance, you still have the measurements for Opal’s House? I need them to complete some forms for the government and can’t find the email that I sent to you with them. If you do, would you send them to me. Well, have a wonderful holiday and I will be anxiously waiting to talk with you the first of the year.



Hi Essie,

The measurements you need are as follows:

First Floor, Front to Back =690 Inches (57 Feet, 6 Inches)
Basement, Top to Botton = 93 Inches ( 7 Feet, 9 Inches)

Remember your best contact for further communications is Paul Adams, Director of Prarienet. He will be the most effective at coordinating the installation of the lab and checking the availability of volunteers when Opal’s House is ready. That will be good news if it is ready by the beginning of the New Year.

We wish the best for you, your family, Opal’s House, and the greater E. St. Louis community.

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