The Old Kings Orchard Community Center Site Analysis

The OKOCC Logic Model

This diagram presents current resources allotted to the Old Kings Orchard Community Center (OKOCC) which enable them to offer specific activities and the corresponding attendees (outputs) and outcomes they hope to reach over time.






The development of the OKOCC (Old King’s Orchard Community Center) technology resource center is mainly focused on the center’s most successful endeavor, the after school program. Currently, the OKOCC serves about 30 children daily by offering a safe, healthy environment that encourages positive group interaction, assistance with homework, and the improvement of essential life skills. These children are familiar with technology through the use of smart phones, but must overcome the difficulties of technology access to obtain critical skills necessary for success in the 21st Century. These include access to the internet, technological skills like keyboarding and performing academic research, and an understanding of what computers can offer recreational and otherwise.


Currently, Old Kings Orchard Community Center (OKOCC) is a registered non-profit and receives some support from the government of upkeep and daily expenses.Additionally, the OKOCC is supported by local companies and individuals invested in the improvement of Decatur’s neighborhoods and overall well-being.The OKOCC’s board and daily staff is the center’s most effective and valuable resource. They are dedicated to revitalizing the King’s Orchard community through programming, like the after school and parent union, and education. Some staff are essentially long-term volunteers, usually parents of program attendees or members of local church groups, organizations or schools. Community partners also contribute to the success and operations conducted at the OKOCC which include Dove, Inc., a non-profit organizations of religious and outreach programs supporting homelessness needs, domestic violence and social injustices in Macon, Moultrie, Piatt, Shelby, and DeWitt counties.

Activities and Outputs

The Old Kings Orchard Community Center offer numerous activities to engage community members and their children in the growth of their neighborhood. The technology resource room would primarily serve the needs of the after school program. This program provides a safe and fun environment for about 30 children after 3pm including grades K to 8. The after school program normally gives way to open gym, welcoming a vast variety of ages and residents within the OKOCC’s walls. To the larger the community, the OKOCC serves as a meeting place for those seeking GED assistance as well as programming to provide practical life skills through 4H, like cooking and animal care. Parents of the Kings Orchard community use the center for Parent Union meetings and Parent Nights where children play with parents and strengthen their family unit.


The after school program has a primary goal of improving academic performance as Decatur’s school district remains below Illinois State performance standards. Their hope is that academic excellence can become a priority for all of the community’s residents, increasing graduation rates and inspiring students to continue their education to college and beyond.These students, as well older groups from the surrounding community, participate in the open gym program to interact with others in a positive and respectful manner while improving their physical health. The implementation of 4H and GED programming should also lead to social relationship development, a stronger sense of individual self, positive academic experiences and a quest for additional education as well as legal employment opportunities. Residents can take practical skills learned at the OKOCC and, couple with their own interests, apply them in professional environments. Additional career service programming would directly improve job searching and technical skills for residents of Old Kings Orchard also decreasing employment and motivating individuals to improve their quality life. In the future, these programs would organize a community around positive life opportunities devoid of criminal activity and drugs while building families and inspiring them to engage in civic responsibility both in Old Kings Orchard and Decatur as a whole.

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