OKOCC Project Plan and Progress

OKOCC Project Logic Model


Primary resources for the implementation of the OKOCC technology resource room include funds allocated through the OEOA. The project team submitted proposals for these funds to purchase additional items not provided by the OKOCC. Installation and maintenance of computer units were performed by the 451 project team as guided by Martin and Adam. Old Kings Orchard Community Center provided 12 computers for the computer lab. As a non-profit, the Old Kings Orchard Center has a budget to support technical plans, including computers. As part of this budget and local volunteers, the OKOCC has offered two modified desks necessary to complete the proposed floor plan (See Environmental Changes Made section on Project Activities and Outputs for floor plan). As this project progresses, the OKOCC Board, lead by Alida Graham, offers guidance and suggestions in programming, timelines and community concerns for the technology resource lab.


The establishment of a technology resource center requires the use of current OKOCC tables, with an accommodating height for all ages and widths that can support the computers and networking hardware.Computer units are wired (cat 5e cable) to avoid security concerns as multiple users may enter personal data or information over time. Computer will be equipped with Microsoft Office in order to facilitate academic projects and download formats from other programs. Computers supplied from the OKOCC use Windows XP with donated units using Windows Home 7. Although operating systems differ, the re-arrangement of icons and update security should not distract from overall user success and familiarity. Additional decoration would be added to give a more inviting aura. This includes re-painting room, carpet and wall fixtures.

Update March 20: Project Team could not get approval to re-paint due to OKOCC Board time restrictions. Additional decor will be added following budget allowance.

Update April 10th: Computers have Open Office open source programming instead of Microsoft Office following budget restrictions.

Update May 9th: While setting up wired network, Netgear router’s adapter snapped. A replacement is being sought, with installation of server and internet pushed to later in May.


The use of the computers within the technology resource room directly leads to increased digital literacy as the OKOCC is able to provide programs for multiple user groups. Installed software and bookmarked internet links will allow users to engage in math, reading, and typing programs with long term focus on skill application to enable academic growth. Our modified floor plan should also allow the after school program attendees space for individual and collaborative homework completion while using the computers for research.


Currently, programs installed on OKOCC units correspond to use by the afterschool programs (TuxTyping, BrainPopJr, etc.) and directly assist in the advancement of academics the OKOCC is attempting to achieve. With the installation of the computers, as well as increased area for collaborative work, the OKOCC plans to implement career services and more GED programming utilizing technology. Computers have been equipped with effecient memory for supplemental software. As all furniture and computer units are owned by the OKOCC, the intial layout can be re-evaluated and configured to better fit future plans and program attendence if necessary. Cabling and a network switch will also be mounted to the wall by adhesives to insure safety and preservation over time, but can easily be moved if necessity dictates. Technical assistance will be provided by local members of the project team until further volunteers can be found. At the moment, a long term technical volunteer is being sought to assist the OKOCC in computer maintenance and support. The project team has contacted many local organizations and institutions such as Milkin University, Richland Community College and UIUC Volunteer Programs to widen the search and include local students looking to assist their local community.

Project Transition Checklist

~First site visit occurred on February 24th

~Presentation of Technology Room Plans and Progress to OKOCC Board on April 6

~Installation of Programs for OKOCC on supplied units

~Installation of last units and setting up wired networks



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