Project Activities and Outputs

Inventory of Technology Installed/Upgraded

The Old Kings Orchard Community Center was initially equipped with a number of computer units as well as wireless and wired internet connection. Current inventory includes:

  • 9 Flat Screen Monitors
  • 2 Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Monitors
  • 12 Keyboards
  • 10 mice
  • 6 mouse pads
  • 2 extension cords
  • 1 printer
  • Ethernet cabling
  • Netgear 6 port Router
  • 11 Computer Towers (9 Dell, 1 HP and 1 Compaq)

Donated computer towers (4 Dells) are currently running Windows 7 Home Premium operating system which would not require an upgrade. The lone HP computer is running Windows 7 Pro, also indicating no need for an upgrade. These computers run various programs for use at the OKOCC:

  • Quicktime
  • RealPlayer
  • Java
  • Adobe Reader & Flash Player
  • Browsers: IE, Google Chrome, Firefox
  • TuxTyping Program
  • Open Office
  • AVG Anti-virus
  • USB Vaccine
  • Ad Aware
  • PandaCloud Anti-virus
  • Bookmarked Links: AmericansLibrary, Lizard Geography, and Brainpop Jr

After discussing possible OEOA funding, Project Team Thundercats received a 16 port switch, 10 headphone pairs for media capabilities, wall attachment ties, and velcro ties for cable bundling.

Team Thundercats was also able to order corner tables with specialized dimensions to complete the proposed floor plan. Funds were provided by a local lutheran church and tables are schedule to arrive April 29 to May 1st, 2012.

Environmental Changes Made

-February 24th: Initial Room Clean out for future floor plan

 -April 9: Proposed Floor Plan to Alida, Brad and Board Members

-April 17: Team Thundercats begin room preparation for initial furniture move

Cat (Team Thundercats) measuring distance of outlets, doors, etc. to insure tables indicated in plan realistically fit space in room.

-April 24: Preliminary Installation of Computers at OKOCC

Left: Installation of first four units as well as network switch





 Right:Bundling of cables for network connection


First running computers installed in lab assisted with establishing OpenDNS server for the entire lab network. There was an established connection through Comcast IP with previous settings on a Netgear router. In order to find and alter previous router settings, we had to contact the past technician who luckily had only used default settings. After entering the IP information and login, Team Thundercats imposed medium filtering settings to block major sites of violation. The Project Team will consult Alida, OKOCC Board President, on further restrictions and concerns as lab progresses.

Below: (left) The first 4 computers installed in the new computer lab. (right) Aisha begins clearing other half of the room for the group to begin finishing the lab. 


 Below: Left and right side views of the first finished side of the new computer lab


~May 9th: Installation of last 5 computers


~May 23: Router and Wired Connection Setup. All computers now have internet~

Preliminary setup of switch for 6 computers on the left. Switch will be mounted in future to prevent wire mishaps.

Training and Documentation Provided

After consulting staff, Project Team Thundercats offered a possible technical support training class for staff and volunteers outlining troubleshooting and usual computer problems that may occur. Due to response, Team Thundercats are now approaching organizations for an additional volunteer staff member specifically hired to maintain and instruct staff on use of the technology resource room. This volunteer will be chosen from local area technical learning facilities including Millikin University and Richland Commiunity College, both in Decatur, IL.

As of April 19, no volunteer has been found. Team Thundercats understands the difficulties in finding assistance on such a short time period, and will provide support until a suitable volunteer may be found.

With the installation of 6 computers into the technology room, Team Thundercats supplied the OKOCC staff with logins and password. Accounts were made for staff (with administrator settings for system changes) and a guest account title ‘OKOCC’ for all other users including after school program attendees and parents.

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