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January 24th, 2011 by Admin

Hello, and welcome to the partial list of project pages for the UIUC engagement with New Vision World Ministries in Cahokia, IL.  For their official website, please visit

Hello and welcome to the New Free Will Baptist Church blog! Enjoy your time browsing through information about the church’s new computer lab that was created in partnership with LIS 451 students.


This website attempts to document our visions for the computer lab, inventory and justification for the technology we installed, and narrative and documentation from our project. See the links on the right for more information.

New Free Will Baptist Church

Finished Lab

The Installation Crew

Wiki and final group meeting

May 1st, 2007 by Admin

I have updated the Wiki for the inventory and implementation plan. Please take a look at it whenever you get a chance.

I think all we have left is:
1. more cables
2. optional-troubleshooting guide, list of software/websites
3. clean computers, make sure all have same desktop?

Anything else?


just a line to say something that came to mind.As we have our group presentation next Saturday it would be good if we can get together for a short time to discus and plan a bit. May be we can show our Wiki pages in slides while explaining our work, along with a few photographs etc… as this week is full of final exams, do you think we could meet Friday early afternoon? or  even late on Friday.. I do not mind.

Initial Meeting and Phone communication

April 25th, 2007 by Admin

Our initial meeting at the site was very positive. We met with Pastor Simmons, his wife, and Darius, another member of the church. We measured the two rooms where we would install the site in order to determine the possibilities for setting up the lab and the length of cables needed, discussed what they hoped to use the lab for, and how many computers they hoped to receive. We also discussed problems that might arise in having the lab in two rooms.

Following this meeting, we communicated with the site via phone and mail.

Summary of phone communication with site

Phone calls took place on on several dates, including March 22, April 23, April 25.
Phone calls included questions concerning the types of desks that would be provided (we received a fax with the specifications), when the Internet would be installed and what type of service it would be, and what type of printer would be available so we would be able to locate the correct device driver. We also discussed whether or not we would be able to provide any additional computers, as they had requested two computers in addition to the 10 we originally planned. They hoped to use these computers for the smallest children in their organization, but not to connect them to the Internet. In the last days prior to setting up the lab, we discussed the need for power strips, reconfirmed the number of computers we were bringing (letting them know that we would be unable to bring the two additional computers), and general plans for our arrival (including what type of food we would get!).

Communication – Printer

April 23rd, 2007 by Admin

Here is the printer Info
It’s a Dell three In one model A920


I wouldn’t worry about the scans. I don’t think it is really necessary.

Pastor Simmons called me to see if we had gotten the info on the printer, and I just called him back and left a message telling him that we had. Anything else we need to talk to him about?

A couple other things:

  • We still need to finish making cables, and see if we want/have time to do any of the optional stuff (troubleshooting guide,etc), by Thursday. Any ideas on when we should do this stuff? I could probably fit in a little time in the lab Tuesday (if things go ok tonight with my research paper), and can probably go in for a little while on Wednesday.
  • What else do we need to do? Find drivers for the printer?


Hi Pastor Barry,

Thanks for the info. Also, we wanted to let you know that at this point, all the computers have the basic applications like Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer, netscape, antivirus antispyware software, Adobe Reader, RealPlayer, OpenOffice, and winzip. We were also looking for some bible software, like free Bible games for kids, but there don’t seem to be many good ones out there. Any other software you’d like us to add? As I said, we’ll see about installing the Microsoft Office when we get there. Also, we were trying to get two more computers for the little kids, but unfortunately all the extra computers we had donated were shipped to Sao Tome, Africa, for another project Martin is working on. So it looks like we’ll be getting you ten computers. Sorry about that! See you Friday then, when we will be eating lots of delicious chicken  Let me know if you have more questions.

Lab Notices

March 29th, 2007 by Admin

We decided it is best for us to all come in together when we can, so we’re going to try to come in Monday. But if you only come Tues. that’s fine. Also, we have divided the computers between us to make things easier. The computers now say either “ready for software” meaning everything has been done except putting on the software which we can’t do yet because we’re waiting for more software CDs, “needs partition/format” for the two new ones that need everything, or “needs win98” for the ones that still need to have everything done to them that we did today. Each computer also has one of our  initials on it. So we’re just going to work on our initial computers until we’ve got those done and then we’ll all help with what still needs work. We  took the two new computers that need everything still, so your initial is on 4of the computers while ours are on three. This way when we come back to lab it’ll be easier to remember what we’ve been doing on the computers from the last time. But if we end up getting done sooner we’ll help you out. Ok? Let me know if this is alright with you, have a good weekend!

Mail Communication

March 28th, 2007 by Admin

Summary of mail communication with site:

A few weeks after our initial visit we printed out copies of our Wiki pages covering the description of site and sent the following through the mail on March 28th (an attempt to send by email failed):

Pastor Simmons,
Greetings from your computer lab team!
We are sending you a document we created that outlines our understanding of your organization, your needs for the lab, and our plan of action. If you have time, please take a look at it and let us know if there is anything that you would like to change.

New Vision World Ministries Description of Site

Site Contact Information
• Site coordinator: Barry Simmons Sr. Pastor
• Other Contact Information: PO Box 5195,
Cahokia IL, 62206

Overview of Organization: A small church, affiliated with the
Southern Baptist church, founded by Pastor Barry Williams, offering Sunday Worship, a Children’s Ministry, and Bible Study. Pastor Williams describes it as a purpose-driven church.

History of Organization: The church was founded three years ago after God gave Pastor Williams a vision about the good that the church could do to help meet the needs of the community.

Summary of Organization’s Vision, Mission, and Goals: The church wishes to help restore the family structure and to assist families. There is a special focus on meeting the needs of single parent families.

Organization’s Priorities for Implementation of Technology: The church hopes that the lab will help the members of the church relate to the computer age. The main users of the lab are expected to be the children and teens of the organization (a number that includes around 14 children and between 20-25 teens). While some of these teens may have access to a computer at certain times, such as at school, many do not have everyday access. The church
hopes to open the lab for several hours a week to supplement the time that the children and teens have access to a computer. The organization does plan to have the Internet installed. As internet use raises concerns about access to unsuitable material, the organization hopes to have the lab arranged in such a way that will allow easy observation of the websites the users are accessing.

Resources Available to Implement Technology at the Organization

Resources Organization Can Provide for Technology Implementation: The church will provide desks for the computers. They also plan to provide Internet service. They will need to be sure that they can supply the necessary amount of power. They may provide 1-2 printers.

Resources GSLIS Will Need to Provide: We will need to provide the computers, the cabling, and software, including Open Office, virus protection, and the software that will allow them access to the Internet. We will also provide some instruction on how to use the computers, the software, and for troubleshooting.

Plan of Execution
The Steps the Organization Needs to Accomplish Prior to Computer Delivery: The organization will need to provide the dimensions of the desks to the project team, so that we can determine the appropriate number of computers. There will need to be adequate power available, which may require new wiring. The church will need to determine if this will need to be done and inform the project team of the number of outlets they can provide and their location. If purchasing a printer, the church will need to inform the project team of the type of printer as soon as possible. If an Internet connection is acquired, the organization will also need to inform the team of the plan as soon as possible. Because the lab will be in two adjoining rooms, the organization will need to make sure that there is a way that all of the computers can be networked together, which may require some type of opening in the wall between the two rooms. Due to the increase in the heat caused by the computers, the organization may need to be prepared to provide fans for both rooms. The organization will also need to communicate to the project team the various types of software that they hope to have installed on the computers.

The Steps the Project Team Needs to Accomplish Prior to Computer Delivery: We need to make sure that we communicate with the organization so that we can be certain how many computers we will be able to provide (based on the size of the rooms and the desks). We need to determine the software that we would like to provide and whether or not we will be able to do so. We also need to make sure that all of the computers are networked and prepared for the Internet.

Potential Risks That Might Hinder Fully Accomplishing the Plan: At the time of the site visit, there were only two outlets in each room located on the ceiling. This location and the number of outlets would make it difficult to provide the type of lab that the organization wishes to have.

Lab Dimensions and Wiki

March 22nd, 2007 by Admin

Hope you are having a good time in the break. I had a few days off from studies and feel so good!

I called Barry Simmons (Pastor at New Visions WM) this morning. He has not yet collected the dimensions of computer tables, but promised to attend to it today. He promised to send the info & a picture of a desk by email. Hope we get it by next week. If not, can call again and get it over the phone.


Just wanted to let you two know that I just finished the description of site page on the Wiki. If you get a chance please take a look at it and see if there is anything you would like to add or change.

We also still need to fill out the implementation plan, but I thought it might be best if we talked about that again so we can make it as specific as possible before we fill it in.
Let me know if you guys have time to meet, and Have a great weekend!