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Vision for Space

The space is a building separate from the church building. It houses the church vehicles but is also used as a dining hall and social meeting place. Through conversations with the church members, we discovered their vision for the space is as homework center and tutoring space. The new Booker T. Washington Elementary School will open across the street soon, and the computer lab will be open for school children to come and use the computers.

Ultimately, the church hopes to provide space that encourages and facilitates educational activities, homework and collaboration between members of the congregation and the community.

We will set up six computers, each with wireless capabilities. We are going to connect the computers to the printer already on site. Because of the nature of the space- the number of the varied roles that it serves- we need to keep the desks as portable as possible. The desks on which the computers will sit have wheels and the wireless internet connection the church already has will provide the maximum amount of space flexibility.

We know that the computers might need a little ongoing maintenance. We plan to train some select members of the congregation in some basic use and troubleshooting so that they can maintain the computers.