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Site Description

Hello and welcome to our LIS 451 final project! This site will show you some of the things that we are doing to equip a collaborative space in at The New Free Will Baptist Church in Urbana Champaign.

There is a small building located right next to the sanctuary building, and we will set of the lab in this multi-purpose room. There is going to be an elementary school right across the street. When we spoke with the pastor, he let us know that he feels like many kids are falling through the cracks. He hopes that this computer lab will provide a safe place for children in the neighborhood to congregate after school and on the weekends.  The lab will provide the space and technology for school children to study, do their homework and receive tutoring. They also hope to build a longer-term relationship with the U of I for continuing education for the community about using the computers. The children using the space will be K-12 students, and adults in the congregation may also use the lab.

This is the Picasa album of the day of installation: