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Technical Documentation

There are six computers registered to New Free Will Baptist Church; all were donated from Carle. Their registration numbers are as follows:
  • 451_1286290913
  • 451_1286292062
  • 451_1286291211
  • 451_1286294576
  • 451_1286291040
  • 451_1286292947

Three user names were created: a GSLIS admin account, a New Free Will admin account, and a user account.

The software that was downloaded to these computers includes:
  • Panda Cloud Antivirus
  • Ad Aware
  • USB Vaccine
  • Peazip
  • Putty
  • Quick Time
  • Real Player
  • Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash
  • Open Office
  • Audacity
  • Gimp
  • Pidgen
  • Paint was already installed on all computers
  • Microsoft Office was already installed on a few computers
  • Windows XP

Six wireless PCI adapters were added to each computer. Their model number is: ASUS PCI-G31.

Six desks were built for each computer, using Dr. Wolske’s design. Each desk has a 20-foot cord reel with four outlets, all of which connect to a main power surge.

We created a website for the church, as made through Google Sites. It contains the church’s mission statement, an event calendar, and a page for the computer lab, which has links to homework help, the local libraries, computer tutorials, and religious sites. ~GMH