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Conference Call 11-03-06

Proposed site for computer lab: The National Library of Sao Tome’, a two-story building where currently the staff has two or three PCs for their business use, loaded with Microsoft Windows XP (confirm). We do not know what software applications are currently installed or whether the PCs are networked together (requested additional information 11-9-06).

The library staff would like to have three to five PCs in each corner of the library’s second floor for a total of 15 – 25 in addition to a lab located centrally on either the first or second floor.

Proposed users: People between the ages of 18 – 25 who are seeking information about education abroad, available scholarships and financial aid, government officials and others searching for specialized information. Sao Tomeans and Principeans are understandably curious about the world beyond their borders.

Proposed software: for the library staff, applications to provide indexing, cataloging and classification guidelines, a relational database, some method of accessing the Web, multimedia (more detail needed here – what do they want to do?) and specialized information on a variety of subjects (e-Granary!). The preferred operating system is Windows.

Power: 220 volts with European-style, two-prong outlets. The power itself fluctuates unpredictably and there are frequent cuts. There is currently no UPS for the PCs.

Service Provider: a Portuguese company (CSTTC) provides telephone and Internet service (DSL – find out top speed currently available). Jorge also mentioned Radio Marconi (context).

Eventually, Jorge envisions computers in every school, every town and every plantation, no matter how remote, to balance services between the urban population and the interior. He also stressed that there must be parity between Sao Tome’ and Principe – if there is a computer lab on Sao Tome’, eventually there must be a computer lab on Principe’ (but is this necessarily ESLARP’s responsibility?)

Jorge reminded us that he will be out of the country for a month, beginning next week (11/6 – 11/10) and returning on December 29th. He will be traveling to South Africa, Mozambique and Lisbon but told us that someone would be available to answer questions in his absence.

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