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Andy’s notes from Nov 3rd phonecon with Mr. Cuelho

— Right now they have 2 or 3 PCs, but no computer lab

— Requests recommendations for computer lab guidelines

— Requests databases with specialized info like medicine, etc.

— The National Library is a two-floor building; he would like a 20-computer lab downstairs and then 3-5 upstairs in corners or wherever there is space.

— Windows and Microsoft is everywhere, so most users would be more familiar with it than Linux; the few computers there have WinXP

— Electrical system is 220v; power is considered to be unreliable

— The average user off the street will probably be 18-40 yrs old

— Govt officials will also be users (more education)

— Language support should be in Portuguese

— The current island ISP is a Portuguese company named Marconi; they supply ADSL

— Talks should be prepared for the library staff

— Wants to have a similar computer lab in Principe

— One of the main purposes of the lab is to help further chances of studying abroad for students

— Possible future project is to build computer labs in schools

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