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Meeting with Cliff Missen 10-24-06

Met with Cliff Missen at Prairienet following his presentation on Widernet and e-Granary in 129 GSLIS.

Mr. Missen is an experienced traveler, having gone to Africa regularly for the last 22 years. To curtail the rampant corruption associated with importing goods, he works with one company and the same employee each time, paying a $2,000 fee to the company for its services in expediting shipments. To keep operating costs low, he rents a shipping container which is delivered to the University of Iowa by truck. Mr. Missen and his volunteers fill the container over the course of a weekend with donated, refurbished computer equipment, leaving the area around the inner outside edge free. They then fill this space with donated books which protect “the breakables” during the voyage. The books are given away when the container reaches its destination.

It was generally agreed that Mr. Missen’s product, e-Granary, would serve the Sao Tome site very well and plans were made to request funds to purchase it. Mr. Missen stated that Portuguese language software such as Wikipedia could be added to the product in time for the proposed January 2007 deployment.

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