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Meeting with Ana Clotilde Thome’ Williams 10-17-06

Prof. Thome’ Williams was delighted to speak with us about our project. She informed us that Sao Tomeans and Principeans speak Portuguese as the Portuguese speak it, rather than how the Brazilians speak it. This may have something to do with the fact that the Portuguese were physically present on Sao Tome’ e Principe’ as recently as 1975, whereas the Portuguese relinquished control of Brazil a century ago.

She also clarified that we would be there during the rainy season, that daytime temperatures would be in the 80s, and that humidity would be high. Christine asked if she should wear business-appropriate attire in the capital rather than jeans. Prof. Thome-Williams indicated that that would not be necessary but she did say that it would send a positive message if group members bought clothing in local markets and wore it while we were there.

We tried several Sao Tomean websites while in her office – most were static, out-of-date or under construction. She mentioned how nice it would be to access the National Library through a digital gateway, and also how wonderful it would be if we came back and enrolled in her Portuguese language class (I checked on it – it’s an intermediate level course rather than basic so I think I’ll pass for now – cea).

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