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Current Issues 10/28/06

— What do we do with the Dell Optiplex Sx260s?  We were considering using them as diskless members of a Linux Terminal Server arrangement, but are now undecided.  The Linux Terminal Server Project page said that there wasn’t noticeable improvement when computers faster than a Pentium 133 were used.  LTSP Min Specs (no longer active)

— We are waiting for Mr. Coelho to call us.  We think that will be the morning of the 30th or the 31st

— Are we going to use Ubuntu or Windows?  We have computers that have Win2000 licenses, so that is an option.  Which has better documentation in Portuguese?  What do we need to do to customize these machines for Portuguese users?

— While we wait for Mr. Coelho, we can begin to use the Ultimate Boot CDs (located in P’net’s basement) to run Lucifer.  This program will run hardware tests to give us an idea of whether there are any weak links that need to be addressed before the trip.

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