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February 8th, 2011 by Admin

Hello, and welcome to the partial list of project pages for the UIUC engagement with the Piatt County Nursing Home, the Maple Point Assisted Living Center, and the Faith in Action Outreach Program  in Monticello, IL.  For their official website, please visit

May Communications

May 11th, 2010 by Admin

May 5th: Arrived at Maple Point and PCNH for installation and instruction. Provided basic training to their technology stewards. Installed a keyboard tray at the Maple Point library computer. Provided Faith in Action with their keyboard and mouse. Informed Kara we needed one more part for complete installation at Maple Point.

May 7th: Called Maple Point to let them know we located the part to connect the television to the computer. Arranged to go there on Monday to install it.

May 10th: Installed final missing part to the Maple Point computer (a VGA cable extender).

May 11th: Sent emails to Maple Point and PCNH which contained their siteadmin passwords.

April Communications

April 28th, 2010 by Admin

April 9th: Sent an email to Julie asking for the Careworks software package so we could have it pre-installed on the computer when we delivered it.

April 12th: Received a reply from Julie informing us that copies of the software were available at her office if we would stop by, or that she could mail them.

April 14th: Arranged to pick up copies of Careworks from Julie’s office on Friday, April 16th.

April 14th: Sent an email to Steve letting him know someone would be stopping by the nursing home and Maple Point to check on a few details.

April 15th: Steve sent a reply informing us that he was on vacation but he provided the contact information for Deb Anderson, his assistant at the facility.

April 16th: Went to Monticello to visit the sites. Picked up Careworks software from Faith in Action. Visited the nursing home and Maple Point. Briefly investigated the possibility of networking the printer in Kara’s office with the new computer being installed.

April 26th: Sent an email to Mary and Steve to finalize plans for the first installation day. Made sure that someone would be available from each location in case there were any questions (on either end). Asked that the desk in the activity room be removed to make room for the new table we were installing.

April 27th: Received a reply from Steve informing us that everything was ready to go for the installation. Representatives from both locations would be available, and room would be cleared for the new table.

April 28th: Arrived at all three locations for installation. Computer and Careworks installed at Faith in Action. Computer installed at Maple Point. Accessibility table installed at nursing home. Arranged to come back on the 5th to complete installations and provide training sessions to anyone who was interested.

April 28th: Sent an email to Julie at Faith in Action detailing the work done on the computer installation.

April 28th: Received a reply from Julie thanking us for the installation, letting us know she would not be available on the second install day, and asking us to bring a keyboard and mouse for the computer.

March Communications

March 23rd, 2010 by Admin

March 10th: Visited site locations. Met our contacts for the three locations.

March 14th: Received email from PCNH Social Services Director Steve Woods. Email discussed various topics which arose from our site visitation.

March 19th: Our reply to Steve, and Maple Point Activities Director Mary Lawrence. Cleared up confusion about number of computers we were providing. Addressed the location of the additional computer.

March 19th: Received a reply from Mary regarding the location of the Maple Point computer and the model of television in that location.

March 23rd: Mary inquired about the possibility of connecting the new computer to the printer in Kara’s office. (As it turns out, this was not possible due to the printer being connected to a private network which the new computer will not have access to.)

March 23rd: Sent out a copy of our wiki site description and implementation plan to Steve, Mary, and Julie Glawe at Faith in Action.