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Site Logic Model


The Marcus Garvey School of Leadership (MGSL), which is located in Champaign, IL on North First Street is a school without walls where teachers as well as students have a say in the curriculum and vested interest in one another.  The MGSL has plans to open as a summer school in 2012.  Plans are being made to help see to it that the school may begin offering an after-school program in Fall 2012.  It will eventually open as a full service school that will serve young men in grades K-5.


The MGSL came equipped with some monitors, table top furnishings, and has a freshly painted open space ready to be transformed into a stellar school that caters specifically to minority male youth.  In addition to these resources, the school has garnered support from local organizations and was one of the sites the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science LIS 451 course equipped with computer equipment (ex. computer towers, mice, keyboards, printers, and desks).  MGSL may also draw upon local resources and expertise that community leaders, educators, and volunteers have to offer.

Activities and Outputs

Some of the activities the school plans to offer are a summer program, an after-school program, and a full service school.  MGSL also plans to serve as a community space.  MGSL visionaries are making preparations for the school to offer a summer program that will serve approximately 25 young men in grades k-5.  As this plan is realized, MGSL will expand to enable approximately 20 students to be retained from the summer program and continue at the school for the after-school program.  The proposed twenty will ideally be joined by an additional 5-10 young men new to the MGSL.  As the school continues to grow in support and prestige, it will eventually become a full-service school that serves all of its former students and have the capacity to bring in additional interested students.  After the full service school is fully operational, the MGSL will open up its doors to create a space that community members and local groups can convene for monthly meetings.  Through opening up to community groups, the MGSL hopes to foster positive, sustained community bonds and engagement initiatives that will beneficial to students, groups, and the larger community.


The MGSL is a safe space where young men can go to be educated, receive support, and become empowered.  As an after-school program, the MGSL hopes to increase participants’ school performance and lessen their involvement in the court system.  The after-school program is intended to enhance students’ overall physical and mental health, which may result in fewer misdiagnosis and behavioral issues.  As a result of participating in either (or both) the MGSL summer and after-school programs, students will have increased agency, be able to take on more responsibilities, and have deeper respect for, and trust in the school and its overall mission and vision.  Ultimately, the MGSL’s goal is to aid in the development of minority male youth so that they will become well-informed, responsible, and strong leaders today in preparation for tomorrow.

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