LIS451 Spring 2012 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Organizational Opportunity, Need, or Problem

The project goal is to set up a computer lab in the Marcus Garvey School of Leadership. The immediate need is for a computer and technology space for the summer program (2012) and fall after-school (2012) program. The summer and fall program attendees will be K-5th grade male students from Champaign/Urbana. The lab will also be accessible to community groups, who will be given nighttime access to the space. A computer lab will be integral to the education, communication, technological literacy, and civic engagement of the students and community members that use the space. The school is still in the design/pre-opening stage, and the installation of a working computer lab will provide a substantial boost to the infrastructure, stability, and legitimacy of the school.

The organizers want the school to function as a “school without walls,” through which the students will engage with the community, work collaboratively, and learn actively. The computer lab will enable all of these goals.

Project Summary

By the end of the semester, the primary goal is to have a computer lab of six computer and one administrative computer workstation set up in the space and ready for internet access. The lab will be set up, complete with six workstations, and a file sharing system and educational/editing programs will be installed and ready to use. Documentation and instructional aids for further development (internet setup and internet filtering) will be left with the site contacts to facilitate sustainability.

The organization needs to verify the electrical capacity of the building, provide monitors (as stated), and solidify internet access future plans (so that the computers can be configured appropriately).

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