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4/21-26 – Planned final installation, offered an alternative to the Steady State software

Our group is planning our large installation for both the Hays and Douglas Centers one week from today. Our class begins at 9:00 so would could be there as early as 9:30 (at either site). It should take us around an hour and a half to two hours for each site. I do not know if you want to be present during the installations, this time we will also have our more tech savvy leader so we should not need as much help from you this time around. Does anytime work particularly well for you? And if so which site would you like to begin with?
Also we are looking at two different versions of clean sweep software

Returnil $40 for 5 licenses
Sandboxe $35 for 2-49 licenses
GSLIS will cover the price but do you have any preference towards one or another.
-Dennis Hume


Wednesday should work fine. Either location first works for me also just let me know which one you pick. I’ll let the facility coordinators know you are coming and make sure that the networks are ready to go. I forgot to ask if you had a hub/switch purchased for the Hays center. If not I can probably find a spare around here. The Annex already had that equipment with the existing lab.

It looks like Returnil is more like the Microsoft SteadyState software (which I now see will not be available for Win7) I mentioned. Sandboxie would just run individual programs in a protected state. I think I’d prefer complete system protection.

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