Project Activities and Outputs

Inventory of Technology Installed/Upgraded

– 7 Linux Mint 14-based computers

– A wireless router

– A network switch

– Various scripts written to ensure privacy of the people using the computers

– Network cables provided

– Computer locks provided and installed

Environmental Changes Made

– A rounded table was purchased in order to create and ensure cooperation between residents utilizing the lab

– A set of two book cases has been ordered and will be delivered in order to decrease the clutter in the lab and help organize the library already present there

– Redesigned the layout of the lab and removed unnecessary equipment and furniture

Training and Documentation Provided

– Gloria has been instructed about passwords needed to access the computer (which she picked herself)

– Created an un-encrypted wireless connection for the community

– Provided training in terms of using the machine and the various benefits of implementing Linux in the lab

– Will hold a community-wide introduction session that will train the residents in using the machines

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