Site Analysis


The Green Meadows community room is the heart of the community engagement at the Green Meadows apartments. Gloria, supervisor and manager of the community room has organized various programs and activities aimed at improving the life of residents, as well as giving them opportunities that allow them to grow on an individual and professional level. Through activities such as parenting and housekeeping classes, in addition to community clean up and job search enrichment, the community room is a great place for residents to visit and get involved with the people they live with.

Gloria has done a tremendous job at making sure that the residents have the option of getting involved and participating in various activities that aim to enrich their experience during their stay. By helping provide basic kid monitoring and school essentials, Gloria has made sure that every child in the community can have a good start in school, even under potentially impoverished conditions. Moreover, thanks to various activities such as reading classes, bible classes, and residence management meetings the residents can learn a lot about themselves and the community they live in, as well as make their voices heard with the management of the place.


While limited in scope, the Community room already has at its disposal some resources that can get everyone involved, which allows for the creation of a better and more successful community. Various social programs are available, and volunteers from the surrounding communities enrich the activities that are happening at the site. For example, thanks to the Salvation Army and Tots Centers, it became possible for the community room to provide valuable resources for the residents. Additionally, the community room (proxy via Gloria) provides current newspapers and houses a small library for the residents (and their offspring) to stay current on the news and enjoy reading material without a far trek to the public library. The Green Meadows community room is proud of its Bible Classes and various Resident Participation programs that enrich the lives of everyone involved.

Activities and Outputs

Due to the various activities taking place at the Community room, the immediate goals, long term visions, and outputs of the site are easily identifiable. First of all, the number of people actually participating in the classes offered has been steadily increasing throughout the years and, as a result, more can be accomplished in terms of the sheer numbers of people applying for jobs and creating resumes thanks to the classes offered (and in this case, also suggest noticeable, quantifiable results). Furthermore, the amount of interaction between people is the inevitable side effect of community engagement, which creates a stronger sense of community and results in greater number of volunteers from year to year.


While there are many outcomes resulting from community engagement at the Green Meadows community center, nothing is more important than developing stronger ties between people (family and community) and elevating the levels of peace and enjoyment for all residents throughout the community. Through the various programs held at Green Meadows, residents can develop leadership qualities along with a greater sense of social and family skills. By recognizing that so many families come from challenged backgrounds, a true sense of community, friendship, and family can go a long way in their lives.

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