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January 14th, 2011 by Admin

Hello, and welcome to the partial list of project pages for the UIUC engagement with Greater Glory Christian Church in Cahokia, IL.

Printer Configuration Instructions

December 2nd, 2006 by Admin

Pastor Malone,

We made it home safe and sound and we would just like to reiterate what a pleasure it has been to work with you on this project. The following is the information you requested be sent via email regarding completing the network configuration:

Setting Up Print Sharing From Another Computer through Snuffy:
Click on the Start Menu
Open up the Control Panel
Double Click on Printers
(If the computer tries to look for a driver, insert the CD. This should not occur as the software has already been installed, but in the event that it does, you will need the CD to reinstall the driver)
Double Click Add Printer (click Next)
Select Network Printer (click Next)
Browse?double click on Snuffy to get to HP Printer and select HP Printer
(leave the default “no” answer for the MS-DOS option)
Select OK
Click through the remainder of the Setup Process and the computer will be all set up to print through Snuffy
You will probably be asked if you would like to print a test page and this is usually a good idea just to make sure everything is working properly

Obtaining the Necessary Equipment for Internet Connection:
As Martine explained, there is no need to buy wireless cards. What you will need is either a dial up router that has a modem built into it or a router with a modem that has a driver installed. The router with the modem built in is not common anymore and will likely be difficult to find.

Setting the Screensaver to read “Greater Glory”:
We were also only able to get the screensavers placed onto Bert and Snuffy when we had them at the hotel. If you would like to do this on the rest of the computers it’s a simple process as follows:
Right click on the Desktop’s background
Select Properties
Go to Screensaver Tab
Select 3D text from the drop down box and select settings
Bert and Snuffy are set all the way to the slowest speed with “none” for how it moves around the screen. For the text, they are set to scroll “Greater Glory”
Click Apply and your Screensaver is set

Those directions should enable you to complete the network configuration and get your lab really rolling. If you have any questions about those directions, please let us know. If we think of anything else that is important for you to be aware of, we will be certain to contact you. Otherwise, that’s all for now and we sincerely hope your power comes back up soon!

Computer Information Updates

November 29th, 2006 by Admin

Did you receive the information I send to you? Malone


Pastor Malone,

Yep we received the information on the monitors. Thanks for getting back to us. We look forward to meeting up with you again this weekend.


Hey all,

I’m about to leave the dungeon (there’s been no one here and I’m not sure I’m supposed to be, but oh well  ). Here’s what’s going on…

1) I finished the Big Bird install (Open Office, Adobe, and the Printer) so if we have time we can put it back in the Big Bird Compaq (I laid it inside Big Bird for now).

2) I worked some on the Wiki while programs are installing. It’s in its baby stages though, so feel free if anyone else has time to work on it.

3) I put Zoey back together, connecting the hard drive and what not. And this is where the problems intensified . I tried multiple avenues of connection and reconnection and restarting and kept getting the “media test failure, operating system not found” message. But I have to get going (plus, I think this place technically closes in a few minutes  ); I’ll work on it again tomorrow evening.

On the other hand, I could try to swing and hour (maybe around 10:30) or 90 minutes or so before work tomorrow if anyone else is going in. It might not be as crowded in the morning. Let me know; otherwise, I’ll see you all tomorrow night. I think we can get quite a bit done (there’s my optimism for you  ).


Hi crew,

Zoey is up and working (Just for the record, the boot order needed to be changed to boot first from the hard drive, and also the ribbon cable was not snugged properly onto the motherboard – that was probably why it was indicating “media test failure, check cables” – so it was not reading from the hard drive). Anyway, I’m so happy we got her working again.

I am in the midst of downloading bible software onto her, and will finish when I go back in at 4 today. I checked No-face and it seems as if he has a network card, hopefully he also has a driver.

As of now we have 5 computers that are ready to be set up into the network, so I have this on the agenda tonight, in order of priority:

1)Finish downloading software onto Zoey.
2)Ping the 5 working computers (Telly, Grover, Elmo, Oscar and Zoey) and get them all networked
3)Investigate No-face – if he has a driver, great, start downloading softare onto him, if he doesn’t have a driver move to step 4
4)Find network cards and/or drivers for the remaining computers as best we can
5)Download software onto successful products of step 4 and hook them up to the network

What do you all think?

I’ll be in at 4, and am going to work until we get kicked out.

What We Got Done as the Final Days Wore On…

November 29th, 2006 by Admin

So…. Lexia and I did some power work in the lab today. As of now, Grover, Elmo, Oscar, and Telly all have working network cards and downloaded bible software. They may need to be pinged, but they have internet access, so this should not be a problem. Snuffy and Bert need network card investigations (either drivers installed or additional cards put in).

Laura, if you could go in sometime and fix up Zoey. I noticed that she was being used to install files for the Compaq. As of now, I would say to scrap that, get her hard drive back in, and get her running. I assume that, since she is a Gateway, her network driver is already installed. After you check on this in Device Manager, just shut her down. I will be back in to install the bible software on her.

The AMD no-face computer that I am blanking out on the name needs investigation. I have no idea if there is a network card in it, or whether it works. I do know that the bible software we have installed on the other computers probably will not work on it, because it is not an intel based machine. No worries here, if someone manages to get a working network card, I can install another bible program on it.

I am ignoring the little Compaq and Ernie for now. We just have to wrap up these things with the other computers, and I think that, all in all, things are looking great.

We need to look at inventory and set up for this weekend. Anybody have any thoughts? How are the cables coming?


I’m heading in shortly to see if I can figure Zoey out. I’ll keep you posted. Sounds like Corinne and Lixia made good progress. Yael finished up the last of the cables yesterday, so we’re in good shape on that as well. Good work this morning you two!

Final Issues

November 28th, 2006 by Admin

I talked to Martin tonight and he said he wasn’t opening up lab tomorrow night (something about date night). His recommendations for how we proceed include thinking about what must be done here versus what can be done in East Saint Louis.

Basically, it boils down to that we need to get our computers networked properly here and have all the drivers that we are sure we need downloaded because we will likely not have internet connection, at least right away.

Martin says that getting that last HP (and possibly even the last Compaq working) should not be priorities anymore (i.e., a lab would be workable with less than 10 computers). So, when we go in for the remainder of the week, lets focus on Pinging and getting all of the right drivers in place.

As for what Corinne and I got accomplished tonight (we were there at different times so I’m extrapolating):

Corinne got the Bible software on to Snuffy and I believe she was beginning to test Networking when she encountered an unknown network driver in Oscar.

When I got there, I did Ultimate Boot and found the Network Card for Oscar (Intel something or other…I have it all written down and recorded at the lab for the next one there), but unfortunately, the driver is not available for download anywhere on the Intel site or the rest of Google. Martin recommended cutting losses and installing another network card. I did so and installed a 3COM (again, the numbers are at the lab). We still need to find the driver for it.

As for Big Bird, I was working on the software installs. I got most of them done, but Open Office kept freezing (I tried a couple of CDs). Martin said perhaps to try downloading it fresh again. If the Open Office download does not work after a night’s rest and fresh start tomorrow or Wednesday, then we probably should do a fresh download.

So that’s where we’re at. We really need to prioritize and hold off on stuff we can do at East Saint Louis, like Fall Software downloads. I think driver finding and testing the connections will be the key for us in the next few days.

That’s about it for tonight. I hope that some are able to go into the lab tomorrow. Unfortunately, I cannot in the morning; I might stop by in the afternoon just in case it might be open. Martin says no go for tomorrow night. Anyway, that’s the news…


Just to clear up the details, it was Telly that got the bible software downloads. He already had a network card working, without the need of a driver (he was a Gateway, and I am hoping and praying that all of the Gateways are like that- I did not get a chance to open them up). Snuffy, the other HP (Bert?), Big Bird, and any other non-Gateway I am missing is going to need a network card investigation.

I will be in tomorrow morning to download software onto the network configured computers. We’ll see how it goes.

Monitor Information

November 21st, 2006 by Admin

Pastor Malone –

When we spoke on Tuesday, you agreed to send me the list of Monitor Information.

We really need this, because if your monitors are not compatible, then we need to find alternates.

Please send this information ASAP.

I hope the installation of outlets went well and that you’ll let us know if/when any new information regarding the several steps you are involved in changes.


All is well on my end, here is list of the Monitors I promise you’ 6 Color Monitor model # 612 AC 100 -240V 50-60 HZ 1.4A all 6 are Compaq V55 plus 6 Keyboards, 1 Compaq SS10 Color 025BB65N2765, 1 Color Envision Monitor Model # EN71OE 100-240V -50/60 H2 2.5A Keyboards for them as well. If you need any more information please let me know. Thank Pastor Malone.

Communications with Pastor Malone

November 16th, 2006 by Admin

After our initial site survey with Pastor Malone, we returned to GSLIS to plan the Greater Glory Network. We sent him the implementation plan the following Thursday, and asked for his feedback. We also provided him with dates by which we would be needing additional information. He responded with a brief message acknowledging that the plan looked fine to him. As of November 16, this has been the only email we have received. Our next communication was the following week in which we sent him information regarding software options (again requesting response). Since then, we have contacted him with a couple of additional emails and a phone call. The emails received no replies, but the phone call was helpful in ascertaining his thoughts on some of our questions.

Update Phone Call

November 14th, 2006 by Admin

On Tuesday, November 14, Yael spoke with Pastor Malone since we hadn’t yet received any communication from him.

Hi guys –

I just spoke with Pastor Malone and I wanted to give you the details. I didn’t speak about missed deadlines, just explained that we needed to know certain things that were “integral” to our preparations.

He said he hasn’t ordered any software yet – doesn’t have a specific preference on the Bible software we found, so if we could please install a couple different packages that would be great.

He’d also like us to install openoffice/neooffice and if possible give him a disk. I explained how he’d be able to get it off the internet as well. I think he wants the ‘safety’ of a disk.

He is waiting to hear from the cable company re:internet options. Please just make 6 computers (4 in the lab, 2 in the office) internet ready so he has the option.

He will be installing the outlets this week – he said that’s a given.

He has 8 monitors, 8 keyboards and 8 mice so we will need to provide 2 more of each.

He promised to send us a list (tomorrow?) with the type and model #’s of the monitors so we’ll know if they’re compatible.

I asked him to please let us know when he has the outlets installed and also if they will have the exact measurements as the ones on the opposite wall.

He said he would email us the internet info when he has it, as well.

We chatted a bit and he said he’s very excited. It was a friendly conversation.

That’s it! See you soon –


Thanks for writing Pastor Malone; you were very diplomatic. Now we just cross our fingers. FYI, I moved my appointments to Monday at 8:30 and Tuesday at 8:30 so I should not be too late to lab. See you then (what a “break” week  ).

Software Note

October 26th, 2006 by Admin

Pastor Malone,

Attached is a list of the software we found: Bible software, Educational software, and GED related software and material. There are corresponding links that you can access to browse the products to see which ones you want. We had a difficult time locating free GED software, so one option is to buy a GED book from and make sure that it includes a software CD. We have listed this as an option on the attached sheet.

The Bibles and the Owl and Mouse software is downloadable and free. However, the other listed software is not downloadable and it will need to be ordered, if you choose to have it. For these, you will need to place these orders online by Nov 6 and have them sent to the following address:

Attn: Martin Wolske
501 E. Daniel
Champaign, IL 61820

Orders for any other software that require shipment must be placed by Nov 6 and be sent to the above address.

On Nov 6, please let us know which software orders (if any) you have placed, so we know when to expect it.

SOFTWARE.DOC is pasted below:

Free Bible online:

1. E-Sword
2. Sword Project for Windows.
3. The Online Bible
4. Online Bible Study

All the bible software products have downloadable bibles, maps, dictionaries, and commentaries.

1. free software (must pay for shipping)

1. Books with CD

Master the GED 2007 (Master the Ged (Book & CD-Rom)) (Paperback)
by Steffi R. Kaprov (Editor)
List Price: $25.99
Price: $17.15 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
You Save: $8.84 (34%)

1 CD $50.00 windows 98

Site Description Note

October 19th, 2006 by Admin

Pastor Malone,

Attached is our plan for the installation of the church computer lab. We will provide you with a list of software options by next Thursday.

We look forward to working with you.