Photo Gallery


Andrei preparing the walls before we painted


The painting begins!


We're making progress!


All done


Building the Custom Table 

Andrei drilling holes


Andrei and Martin assembling the table to make sure everything fits and is sturdy


The unassembled table pieces before we put the table together in the lab


Because of the size of the table and the lab’s low ceiling, we could not assemble the table upside down and flip it over. We used chairs to hold the top while we assembled the rest of the table under it.


The table stands alone


Martin, Colleen, and Rachel putting the finishing edging on the table


Rachel and Martin assembling the shelf


Adam, Rachel, and Martin securing the shelf to the table


All done


Martin, Colleen, and Andrei admiring our work


Setting up the Network

Adam and Colleen setting up the workstations and cleaning the keyboards


Wires and equipment to sort through


Jennie, Adam, and Colleen setting up the workstations and taking an inventory of equipment


Jennie, Colleen, and Adam busy working


Workstation 6 is up and running. There is plenty of space at the table for laptops or other devices as well.


Installing the Software

Adam installing Windows 7


It worked! Windows 7 is up and running


Colleen, Andrei, and Adam installing media software and educational games on each workstation

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