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Future Wireless Network Plan

After weighing all of our options equally and testing Wi-Fi across the park we hit a stand still with the WiFi network. The Park District did not have the funds to purchase the necessary routers to establish a mesh wireless network as we had hoped. Through our Wi-Fi testing we also discovered that it would be near impossible to bridge a signal from the Admin building all the way to community center without any intermittent access points. Our data numbers showed that even without full tree coverage the signal that spanned the 600 yards between the building was simply not strong enough for basic use. We also had great difficulty getting an estimate from Charter on how much it would cost to run a hard wire line to the Community Center building. Having exhausted all three of our previous options it seemed as though our wireless network project was at a stand still. On April 23rd, we got news of the breakthrough we were looking for from Charter. According to Charter’s estimates, it would cost nearly $10,000 to run hard wire cable to the Community Center, however the Park District is eligible for a grant that would cover nearly the entire cost of that installation if they signed a a 5 year contract of service with Charter. Even better, Charter could install four wireless access points throughout the park that could make the entire park a wireless hot spot. Along with these routers, Charter would provide their own security and protection for the Park District to prevent any illegal or excessive use. The last bit of news from Charter is that they could provide faster internet speeds for the current admin building and future community center at slightly lower prices than previously quoted. This news from Charter is exactly the news we were hoping for as this combines two of our options into a very affordable option for the park district. Further, it will allows users to connect to Wi-Fi in the park and simply bring more people to the park. The security blanket that Charter will install will also cover the Park District should their Wi-Fi be used illegally.

At this point in time we have transferred the communication with Charter over to the Park District. It is now in the hands of Charter, the Park District and possibly future students to implement this plan and bring Charter’s internet service to the community center and eventually make Jones Park a Wi-Fi hot spot.


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