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Community Center Space

Located on the south end of the park, the community center is the venue for volunteers, community members, and students. Many people use the building, but all events are currently hosted on the east side of the building (pictured right) as a majority of the eastern side of the roof is leaking. On a given day, the room may be used for a pizza party, a movie viewing, a funeral service, and even a computer lab. The  lab we create needs to be easily transported out of the room to open the space for multiple purposes.  When the desks are moved out of the room, the computers need protection from the water coming through the ceiling.  When the desks are moved back in, they should be placed in areas of the room that detect the strongest wireless signals and can receive an appropriate amount of electricity without overloading the system.  In addition to computers, we will also be giving the park a projector and screen, two digital cameras, and possibly a color laser printer. The space and furniture will be an important consideration in determining how these items should be used and stored.

Jones Park Community Center

Leaking Roof

Below is a blueprint of the room’s dimensions.  Not included are the concrete flooring and the drop ceilings.

Community Room Dimensions
Community Room Dimensions


Because of the leaking roof, all events hosted in the building happen in the community room.  This will require that we set up a flexible and mobile computer lab.  In addition to placing the computers on rolling desks to be moved out when the room is repurposed, we are also going to leave the park with a set of recommended room layouts when the lab needs to be set up again.  We documented the location of electrical outlets and Wi-Fi signal strength from our proposed wireless router location.