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Project Plan: Resource Analysis

LIS451 will be donating the following:

  • 10 computers
  • 10 monitors
  • 10 mice
  • 10 keyboards

Class volunteers will also fabricate, assemble, and paint 12 computer desks, provided to the park at the cost of materials. In addition to the donations from the 451 class, Martin was able to secure funds through a Youth Community Informatics Project Grant for the following:

Funds designated for the surplus headsets and cable traps will be reallocated for some of the proposed technology purchases. Proposed Technological Expenses


Update 4/10/11 We briefly entertained the idea of setting up a mesh wireless network, using OpenMesh routers with outdoor housings. After speaking with a salesrepresentative, who strongly cautioned against using their product to get a signal across such a great distance, we think that the park would be best suited with a more traditional wireless bridge, as we originally planned. In this scenario, we realized that we would require 4 routers to bridge the signal, and we chose the EnGenius Outdoor Client Bridge/Access Point, as a powerful, yet cost effective solution.






Projector in Use4/17/11 Update– We opted not to purchase the mounting kit for the projector, in favor of rebuilding a desk to position the projector below a computer while maintaing functionality and increasing mobility for outdoor use. The excess funds will now be diverted to procuring an HP Color LaserJet CP2025n printer. This way, the photos taken by children using the lab’s Canon cameras can be printed, taken home, and/or displayed at the site. In addition to the laser printer, there was enough money to purchase a Netgear router, so the park will have wireless access the moment Charter can install a line. The park could not allocate funds for the Wi-Fi connectors or the waterproof keyboards, but Martin was able to get extra money for some Linksys Wi-Fi cards, and we were able to use standard PS/2 keyboards from the stockpile of parts in 52A.