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Project Transition Checklist

April 30-Burning the Midnight Oil

the zero hour
A little Arrested Development

  • After a late start, we worked late into the night to make everything “just right” and complete a comprehensive, functional document, which the site could use to administer the computers.

Can we go yet?A Finished Print Center!



April 29-Initial Assembly and Router Troubleshooting

Ugh. No, I don't want to call tech support. I plug this in where?








  • We spent the majority of the day mapping out workstations, setting up computers, and¬†troubleshooting a router that Zac broke (whoops!)


Martin Mocks UsWhat about if we move these over there?









April 28











  • Computers completely up and running with all programs and user settings!


April 9

  • The entire group traveled to East St. Louis. We finished desk construction, spent extensive time testing for wireless signals across the park. We also demoed a Windows computer and a Linux Edubuntu computer for Irma Golliday, the Park Director, and she chose Linux as the OS she wanted installed on all the computers.


Zac, Stacey, and Martin (Geeks with their Phones)

By the Power of Greyskull!










Tables with Wheels!Group Discussion













April 1 & 2

  • Most of the group traveled to East St. Louis to assemble, prime, and paint the desks we’ve been working on over the past month.










Jones Park Desks


March 11 & 12

  • Members of the group and the 451 class went to Martin’s house to help with the initial prefabrication of the computer desks.