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LIS451 Spring 2011

Executive Summary

Organizational Opportunity, Need, or Problem

East St. Louis is a marginalized city with limited resources and community centers available to its citizens. The Director of the East St. Louis Park District, Irma Golliday, wants to clean up Jones Park so it becomes a community “hot spot.” The Park currently hosts after-school support, youth summer programs, and outdoor recreation. To support and enhance the vision of a community hot spot, the Director wants technology brought to the Jones Park Community Center, which East St. Louis citizens might otherwise not have access to: word processing programs, educational software, internet, and overall exposure to technology, a key component in today’s work world. In addition, the appeal of technology will draw more members of the East St. Louis community to one place, thereby providing opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, and – particularly for children – develop social skills.

Project Summary

One goal for this Semester Project is to assist with internet-contract negotiations between the Park District and Charter Communications. Charter is the only ISP option in this section of East St. Louis and hard wiring still needs to be constructed to the Community Center. Since Charter is unlikely to complete this construction by the end of the semester, our goal is to set up 4 outdoor routers, 4 outdoor antennae, and 10 internet-ready computers, so that both the Community Center and the Park WiFi are ready to go once Charter enables internet service. The East St. Louis Park District must authorize purchases of equipment to deliver this final product. Otherwise, we will leave detailed plans and instructions for future implementation.  The computers, which are donated, will be installed with education software for children and adults of all ages, and a projector will be installed in the Community Center as well, so that Jones Park can provide non-internet based technology services.


Resource Analysis

Use Scenarios


Technology Infrastructure


Project Transition Checklist

Technology Inventory