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Objectives for Integrating Technology

Internet Connection:We have two options for connecting the three computers to the Internet: either a wired, or wireless connection.  We would connect Ethernet wires from Mrs. Golliday’s office to the board room by running them along the ceiling.  The advantages to this option include a secure and reliable connection.  The disadvantages include: modifying wires to fit our need and stapling visible wires along the ceiling.  The wireless connection wouldn’t require wires, but provides less security.  Our goal is to devise a workable solution a week before our next travel day.

Website Design: We will also integrate technology that will not produce immediately  tangible results for computer users.  Kyle is working on a web site for the administration building.  He started on the following pages: Homepage/Park News, Jones Park, Lincoln Park, Virginia Park, Foundation, Administration and History.

Software Options: Feasible software applications and external devices that would benefit an elderly population:

1. Headphones

2. Screen readers

3. Computer use tutorial software

Subscriptions/Free registrations to keep users connected to a greater community:

1. New York Times

2. Washington Post

3. Health News Today