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Considerations for Sustainability

Concern for long-term maintenance: Our primary concern is that the Park District will not have available staff to maintain the computers’ software and hardware. We plan to leave instructions for any software/hardware that we’ve added to the computers.  Kyle will also put together a document with step-by-step instructions on using the SeaMonkey WYSIWYG editor to make changes to the Park District website.

Steps to ensure sustainability: On the last visit to the Park District Administration building, Kyle and Noelle had a meeting with Mrs. Golliday to show her how to update, add pages and images, and insert links to the pages on the web site.  Kyle will put together a document describing how to remove and add pages; in addition, he will research companies to find the best domain to host the Park web site. Kyle installed SeaMonkey on Mrs. Golliday’s office computer to edit the web site.  She expressed to Kyle that it was more important that she, instead of other staff members, learns how to edit the site because the Park District has a high rate of turnover.  She will train the subsequent director on making changes to the site. Kyle also provided her with the URL to a user-friendly introduction and tutorial to SeaMonkey:

We plan to write down and keep copies of the computers’ information including, but not limited to their model numbers, CPU, RAM, OS, etc.