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LIS451 Fall 2010

Site Description: Jones Park is one of the largest parks in East St. Louis. Residents mainly use this space for recreation purposes such as family gatherings, fishing and cookouts. The contact person for this site, Mrs. Golliday, wants to bridge the love of outdoors with a technical space to increase community interaction with the park. Her vision is to create a lab for the elderly in the Jones Park administration building and a larger lab for youth in the Community Center.  Our group semester task is to create a foundation for setting up a computer lab and small reference library in the Park District Administration Building.  This lab will cater to the elderly population in the community.

Project Overview: This will be a year-long project of adding computers, building desks, setting up a LAN in the board-room, and creating a small reference library that caters to the elderly population in the Jones Park neighborhood. In addition, one of our group members volunteered to create a web page for Jones Park. We will also create a feasible plan for adding a computer lab to the multi-purpose center across the green space, and  for using a wireless connection to provide Internet service between the two buildings.  The multi-purpose computers will support after school and summer programs.

During the Fall semester, 2010, students from LIS451, “Introduction to Networked Systems” partnered to setup a new computer lab in the Administrative Building at Jones Park.