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Dragon Commands Cheat Sheet

Dragon Naturally Speaking Cheat Sheet: Part One, the Simple Stuff

Getting Started:

Connect/place microphone: facing corner of mouth, stable, consistent

Turn microphone off when not dictating: use hot key  , ‘stop listening’

Check Audio Settings if hardware or environment changes Dictation,Capitalization,andNavigation

Enunciate clearly but naturally. Stay silent if hesitating. Aim for full phrases.

Basic Commands– To Do…Say….

Say open paren, close quote, hyphen, ellipsis, section|pound|at sign… Pause briefly before and after commands, don’t pause within commands.

‘New Paragraph’ , ‘New Line’, ‘Tab’

‘Scratch that’, ‘Scratch that n times’, ‘Undo that’

Time (AM/PM), ‘Roman numeral n’, %, units, ‘numeral n’, contractions… See FormattingOptions (Tools menu) & Word Properties.

‘Spell <characters>’ incl. alpha-bravo, slash, asterisk, dot…

‘Numbers Mode On’, ‘Switch to Spell | Command | Dictation | Normal Mode’

‘Caps On’, ‘ALL CAPS Off’, ‘Cap <word>’, ‘ALL CAPS <word>’, ‘no caps <Word>’

‘Go to top|bottom’, ‘Go to end of line’, ‘Move left n words’, ‘Move up n lines’

‘Insert before|after XYZ’

‘Mousegrid n n’, ‘Mousegrid window’, ‘Mouse right-click’, ‘Move|Drag mouse lower right’

‘Press Enter | Escape | F6 | Tab | Alt Down | Down Arrow | Page Up’ CorrectMisrecognitions

‘Correct XYZ’, XYZ being wrong word(s) on screen(If already highlighted or just spoken: ‘Correct That’ — see hotkey, DragonBar extras)

Double-click to select/correct words EditandFormat

‘Delete line’, ‘Backspace n’, ‘Delete last|next n characters|words|lines’

‘Select line’, ‘Select XYZ’, ‘Select start Thru end’, ‘Select again’

Replace text to revise: select by voice or hand, then overwrite

‘X That’: ‘Select | Delete | Copy | Bold | Paste | Hyphenate | ALL CAPS That’

Direct commands: ‘Delete | Cut | Copy | Underline XYZ’ or ‘start Thru end’

‘Open Dictation Box’ (see Hotkeys) Personalizethe Vocabulary

‘Open Accuracy Center’

Open Vocabulary Editor to add, modify, or delete entries (and Word Properties)

Create Spoken Forms (CSAT\see sat, Hseuh-tze\shoe tsee, interrogatories\rogs)

‘Import|Export custom words’ (.txt, \spoken form)

Adapt Vocabulary from relevant text documents; ‘Increase Accuracy From Email’ Find,*Edit/*ManageCommands *Shortcuts forWeb/PC Search& MS Outlookо

Show Sample Commands’. ‘Open Command Browser’. ‘Give Me Help’

Add new command’: boilerplate (Text & Graphics), sequences (keys/open item/HeardWord…)

Modify/clone commands: Edit or New Copy (in Command Browser)

Import custom commands (Manage in Command Browser)

‘Search news | maps | shops | Google | the Web for XYZ’. ‘Find a site about XYZ’.

‘Search computer | files| email for XYZ’

‘Compose e-mail to <contact name(s)>’. ‘Compose e-mail about XYZ’

‘Schedule appointment with <contact name(s)>’