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Site Description

Small room within Center connected to main room and small office/storage

Overview of Organization

The Douglass Annex offers both educational classes and recreation for the community. While most of the expected users are seniors, there has also been interest in getting children more involved.

History of Organization

  • Originally operated as Gagliano IGA Supermarket.
  • The City of Champaign obtained the property in the fall of 1967 as part of an Urban Renewal Project.
  • The Champaign Park District obtained the land and building in 1970 from the City of Champaign.
  • Dedicated March 4, 1978.

Organization’s Priorities for Implementation of Technology

The Douglass Annex mostly serves economically challenged seniors, almost all of whom do not have computers. Many have been reluctant to use computers but the site’s desire is to offer basic computer skills class. There has also been some desire to hold computer classes for pre-school students. Several community members have volunteered to teach or help teach these classes but refuse to start until the software and machines are updated.

The computers currently at the site were originally part of a previous University of Illinois program from several years ago but all the machines are now outdated (the majority are running Windows 98, and a few run Mac OS7).