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Internet and wall mounts

4/28 – Visited site, John called ISP to get a different service package

5/3-5 – Figured out wall-mount and table situation with Martin and Dawn

Unfortunately there was a small mix up during the installation. While you were supposed to get the wall mounted computer but the adjustable accessibility desk was meant for another site. Our professor (Martin Wolske), should be contacting you later today to discuss picking up the desk.
I’m sorry about the confusion on our part.


Bad news: My assistant and I were going to install the wall-mount arm today and found out that it’s missing a (sold separately) part. The item purchased is not missing any parts but this part is required to mount it to a wall.
Apparently, the arm assembly has the option of mounting to a wall or a square post.
See the top of page 4 of the arms installation instructions.
We will need the 10″ wall mount track before proceeding.
John Olden – Technology Manager


I just got an email from my professor. We can get the extra piece for the wall mount but if you would prefer we could also return the wall mount all together and buy an accessibility desk (same as the one that we just took). After we buy the extra piece they would cost roughly the same amount so it is up to you and what you think would be best.


I’ll defer the decision to Dawn, our Special Recreation Manager.

If we go with the adjustable table, we would probably put one PC with the printer and scanner on it and put the other two PCs that are already there on the other table. 3 tables in that room might be a little tight.

Dawn, if you decide to go with the table, can you please grab the plastic bags (if any) out of the trash can in that room before it gets emptied. I took everything for the arm out of the box (and left it out) when I was looking for the needed piece. Thanks.


I would prefer the stability of an accessible table rather than a wall mount.  We will have to stagger the tables for it to be “roll up” ready.  We would place the accessible table on the same side of the room, but we would push it all the way to the window.

I will grab the bags and leave them up front in the cabinet, nobody looks in there.

Thanks –

5/5 – Visited Site

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