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Initial Information, floorplans, and software

*Note: the team members worked on both this site and the Hays Center, so some of the material on this post and others that follow may refer to the other project.

3/10 – Visited site

3/12 – Dennis emailed us with some initial info we posted to the wiki

Here is more or less what I’m going to post to the wiki. If anyone has any corrections or anything let me know. -Dennis

3/17 – Ish passed along an email which John sent him including: .pdf floor plans, the new Hays director’s decision on which office to use, information about Microsoft Steady State software

Attached are the generic overview floor plans for the two buildings and a measured drawings for the rooms. I noticed that the overview plan for Douglass Annex is missing a door so I just quickly threw the door in the measured drawing. Take the dimensions with a grain of salt and compare it to the measurements you took. You might plan for that much difference (if any) from the drawings for Hays also.

I got an e-mail later today that said the plan was more than 90% sure that the new CUSR Director would be going into that front conference room at Hays. So make your plan for the smaller (2nd room).

Let me know if you need anything else.


The program I was referring to yesterday that returns the computer back to a saved state after logout is Microsoft SteadyState. (as of Dec. 2010 it is being discontinued)


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