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Computer Order Information and non-profit status

3/21 – Adam posted the computer order information to the forum

Hey everyone,
The local groups’ equipment ordering information is now available on the forum. I have a meeting with Jeanie on Monday to discuss some of the additional details, so you may want to hold off on questions until then.  I’ll update the forum thread as more information becomes available.

3/31 – Sam inquired about their C3 status, software desired, internet connectivity, and tables

We had a few questions as we wait for the computers to arrive.
1.  Are you guys a 501C3 organization?
2.  Are you guys moving along in the process of getting the DSL line at both sites?
3.  At the Hays Center, do you have a couple of tables that we can use to put the computers on?
4.  As far as the general use computers, do you know what software you want on them?  From what we understand there should be Microsoft Office licenses for them all and antivirus as well.  Which web browser would you like installed?  Are there any other programs that you would like on the computers from the start?


1 – No we are not a C3. The Champaign Parks Foundation does have that designation. We have used that entity in the past to purchased software from TechSoup.
2 – Actually I completely forgot about ordering the services. Your e-mail was a great reminder. I called this morning and should know something in the next day or two. It shouldn’t take 30 days to get it installed.
3 – ?? Dawn can you answer that one.
4 – Firefox would be my choice for browser. Some of the other programs we install on my/CPD machines are as follows. Not required but handy to have pre-installed prior to them being needed.
– CutePDF Writer (Free)
– AdobeReader
– Java Runtimes
– Flash Player
– Gimp and/or IrfanView
– VLC Media Player
– Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
– PeaZip


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