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Wall Mounts

3/18 – Martin forwarded us a website with the wall mount, we called John to ask if he would want it, and forwarded John the email

John,Here is an example of an adjustable wall-mount we are looking at for the Hays Center. Please let us know if something like this is a viable option. We noticed that the PDF layout of the Hays center office does not include the dimensions of the recessed corner. Would you be able to give us an approximation of the length and depth of that area?Also, expect to hear from us shortly with a summary of the entire project, both the Hays Center and the Douglass Annex. -Ron


The notch out is 11″ deep and 4.5′ wide.

I’m not sure if the PDF I sent you has that wall drawn in the location of the rest of the East wall or the recessed section but I called back over and had the secretary measure from the storage closet door to the back (E) wall and she said it was also 4.5″.

I’ll let you know about the wall-mounts on Thursday.


I don’t see any problem with using these types of mounts. As long as there is something to mount to.


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