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February 7th, 2011 by Admin

Welcome to the partial list of project pages for the UIUC engagement with the Champaign Park District Douglass Annex.  For their official website, please visit

Internet and wall mounts

May 5th, 2010 by Admin

4/28 – Visited site, John called ISP to get a different service package

5/3-5 – Figured out wall-mount and table situation with Martin and Dawn

Unfortunately there was a small mix up during the installation. While you were supposed to get the wall mounted computer but the adjustable accessibility desk was meant for another site. Our professor (Martin Wolske), should be contacting you later today to discuss picking up the desk.
I’m sorry about the confusion on our part.


Bad news: My assistant and I were going to install the wall-mount arm today and found out that it’s missing a (sold separately) part. The item purchased is not missing any parts but this part is required to mount it to a wall.
Apparently, the arm assembly has the option of mounting to a wall or a square post.
See the top of page 4 of the arms installation instructions.
We will need the 10″ wall mount track before proceeding.
John Olden – Technology Manager


I just got an email from my professor. We can get the extra piece for the wall mount but if you would prefer we could also return the wall mount all together and buy an accessibility desk (same as the one that we just took). After we buy the extra piece they would cost roughly the same amount so it is up to you and what you think would be best.


I’ll defer the decision to Dawn, our Special Recreation Manager.

If we go with the adjustable table, we would probably put one PC with the printer and scanner on it and put the other two PCs that are already there on the other table. 3 tables in that room might be a little tight.

Dawn, if you decide to go with the table, can you please grab the plastic bags (if any) out of the trash can in that room before it gets emptied. I took everything for the arm out of the box (and left it out) when I was looking for the needed piece. Thanks.


I would prefer the stability of an accessible table rather than a wall mount.  We will have to stagger the tables for it to be “roll up” ready.  We would place the accessible table on the same side of the room, but we would push it all the way to the window.

I will grab the bags and leave them up front in the cabinet, nobody looks in there.

Thanks –

5/5 – Visited Site

Computer Installation

April 22nd, 2010 by Admin

4/21-26 – Planned final installation, offered an alternative to the Steady State software

Our group is planning our large installation for both the Hays and Douglass Centers one week from today. Our class begins at 9:00 so would could be there as early as 9:30 (at either site). It should take us around an hour and a half to two hours for each site. I do not know if you want to be present during the installations, this time we will also have our more tech savvy leader so we should not need as much help from you this time around. Does anytime work particularly well for you? And if so which site would you like to begin with?
Also we are looking at two different versions of clean sweep software

Returnil $40 for 5 licenses
Sandboxe $35 for 2-49 licenses
GSLIS will cover the price but do you have any preference towards one or another.
-Dennis Hume


Wednesday should work fine. Either location first works for me also just let me know which one you pick. I’ll let the facility coordinators know you are coming and make sure that the networks are ready to go. I forgot to ask if you had a hub/switch purchased for the Hays center. If not I can probably find a spare around here. The Annex already had that equipment with the existing lab.

It looks like Returnil is more like the Microsoft SteadyState software (which I now see will not be available for Win7) I mentioned. Sandboxie would just run individual programs in a protected state. I think I’d prefer complete system protection.


April 14th, 2010 by Admin

4/12-13 – Informed John about Mini-Installs

My name is Andrew and I’m with the class that is putting in new computers at the Douglass Branch or the park district  We wanted to know when a good time would be to come by tomorrow to do a preliminary install with brand new computers.  It shouldn’t take that long given that there are 4 of us. Please let us know if there is another date that works best for you.


Wednesday is ok with me but the old computers will have to be removed to make room for the new ones. Our box truck is checked out until around 10:30am so I may not get it until after that. What time were you thinking?
Barb, let me know if this will interfere with any programming you have going on.


4/14 – Visited Site (Douglass)

Computer Order Information and non-profit status

March 31st, 2010 by Admin

3/21 – Adam posted the computer order information to the forum

Hey everyone,
The local groups’ equipment ordering information is now available on the forum. I have a meeting with Jeanie on Monday to discuss some of the additional details, so you may want to hold off on questions until then.  I’ll update the forum thread as more information becomes available.

3/31 – Sam inquired about their C3 status, software desired, internet connectivity, and tables

We had a few questions as we wait for the computers to arrive.
1.  Are you guys a 501C3 organization?
2.  Are you guys moving along in the process of getting the DSL line at both sites?
3.  At the Hays Center, do you have a couple of tables that we can use to put the computers on?
4.  As far as the general use computers, do you know what software you want on them?  From what we understand there should be Microsoft Office licenses for them all and antivirus as well.  Which web browser would you like installed?  Are there any other programs that you would like on the computers from the start?


1 – No we are not a C3. The Champaign Parks Foundation does have that designation. We have used that entity in the past to purchased software from TechSoup.
2 – Actually I completely forgot about ordering the services. Your e-mail was a great reminder. I called this morning and should know something in the next day or two. It shouldn’t take 30 days to get it installed.
3 – ?? Dawn can you answer that one.
4 – Firefox would be my choice for browser. Some of the other programs we install on my/CPD machines are as follows. Not required but handy to have pre-installed prior to them being needed.
– CutePDF Writer (Free)
– AdobeReader
– Java Runtimes
– Flash Player
– Gimp and/or IrfanView
– VLC Media Player
– Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
– PeaZip


Wall Mounts

March 18th, 2010 by Admin

3/18 – Martin forwarded us a website with the wall mount, we called John to ask if he would want it, and forwarded John the email

John,Here is an example of an adjustable wall-mount we are looking at for the Hays Center. Please let us know if something like this is a viable option. We noticed that the PDF layout of the Hays center office does not include the dimensions of the recessed corner. Would you be able to give us an approximation of the length and depth of that area?Also, expect to hear from us shortly with a summary of the entire project, both the Hays Center and the Douglass Annex. -Ron


The notch out is 11″ deep and 4.5′ wide.

I’m not sure if the PDF I sent you has that wall drawn in the location of the rest of the East wall or the recessed section but I called back over and had the secretary measure from the storage closet door to the back (E) wall and she said it was also 4.5″.

I’ll let you know about the wall-mounts on Thursday.


I don’t see any problem with using these types of mounts. As long as there is something to mount to.


Initial Information, floorplans, and software

March 17th, 2010 by Admin

*Note: the team members worked on both this site and the Hays Center, so some of the material on this post and others that follow may refer to the other project.

3/10 – Visited site

3/12 – Dennis emailed us with some initial info we posted to the wiki

Here is more or less what I’m going to post to the wiki. If anyone has any corrections or anything let me know. -Dennis

3/17 – Ish passed along an email which John sent him including: .pdf floor plans, the new Hays director’s decision on which office to use, information about Microsoft Steady State software

Attached are the generic overview floor plans for the two buildings and a measured drawings for the rooms. I noticed that the overview plan for Douglass Annex is missing a door so I just quickly threw the door in the measured drawing. Take the dimensions with a grain of salt and compare it to the measurements you took. You might plan for that much difference (if any) from the drawings for Hays also.

I got an e-mail later today that said the plan was more than 90% sure that the new CUSR Director would be going into that front conference room at Hays. So make your plan for the smaller (2nd room).

Let me know if you need anything else.


The program I was referring to yesterday that returns the computer back to a saved state after logout is Microsoft SteadyState. (as of Dec. 2010 it is being discontinued)