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The Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club offers a myriad of activities. The foundational programming is the after-school program each weekday with homework help, tutoring and mentoring.  However, depending on volunteers available, programming may vary.  DMBGC is always open to volunteers coming in to help with the programming!

Some of the programs listed on the web site include:

  • Triple Play — A wellness program that demonstrates how eating right, keeping fit, and forming positive relationships add up to a healthy lifestyle.
  • SMART Girls — Developing healthy attitudes and lifestyles while exploring their own and societal attitudes and values are the basics of the SMART Girls Program.
  • Benjamin Banneker Club — An introduction to scientific concepts via hands-on activities, games, reading, and writing exercises.
  • SMART Moves — Provides young people with knowledge, skills, self-esteem and peer support to help them avoid alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; avoid involvement in drug-related activities; and postpone sexual activity.
  • Job Ready — For high school seniors only.  Develops essential academic and professional workplace skills, while providing a paid work experience to help them prepare for life after high school.
  • Keystone Clubs — Keystoning is the Boys & Girls Club Movement’s most dynamic teen program. Keystone Clubs are chartered small-group leadership and service clubs for boys and girls ages 14-16.

The site already includes a well-endowed computer lab on the first floor with video games and software.  The students currently spend time in the first-floor computer center.  With the redesign of the learning center on the second floor, the leaders are envisioning an increase in collaboration among the students.  The environment is now much more collaborative-friendly and very kid-inviting!  The area provides an excellent environment for working on homework, group projects or for just hanging out.  An area for videotaping is available in the room.  The possibilities are endless!


As you can see from the photographs, the look of these rooms is a deterrent to any productive use the space might provide. By the time we as a group had our first meeting, both the tables and the books had been removed. Compared to the other spaces at the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club, these rooms exhibited nothing of the members’ creativity nor did they contain any draw. This is particularly the case because of the new computer lab on the first floor on the building, which fulfills many of the computer needs of the members.

Compared to many of the other projects this semester, our vision for the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club is less technology-based and more of a space redesign. While the computers are quite functional, they are not being used. In that way, our vision for the new space would be to allow for both individual and group computer work. In addition to computer work, we also wanted to open up the room so that the kids could see it as a place to relax and hang out it. Unlike the computer lab downstairs, which is set up like a classroom, this space would encourage creative projects and many levels of interaction. From our conversations with Debarah and D’wania and Deven, it was clear that we had to radically change the physical look of the space in order to make it a place which the members can and want to participate in.


The Boys and Girls Club already has a number of resources that will be applied to the project. There are currently 10 computers already in use in the Learning Center. These will need to be updated, but the hardware does not need to be replaced. We will be installing new open source software, which will include Audacity, a video editing program, and educational games. In addition to computers, the club has multimedia technology such as a video camera. LIS451 donations may be used to provide more multimedia resources (microphones, headphones, digital cameras). If feasible, we would also like to install some type of overhead projector or monitor to use to show the video projects created by the Boys and Girls Club.

LIS451 donations will also be used to provide new desks and furniture to the site. The computer lab will include small desks for solitary or one-on-one studying. The library/multimedia center will include one or two larger computer workstations for group activities.


The highest priority for the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club (DMBGC) project was making the space more welcoming.  The pictures taken at the beginning of the project shows a space that is all white with picnic-like tables. Bookshelves line the walls and there is a gate that does not completely go down that divides the library room for the computer room. The computers are set up in a way that does not allow for group work and they are facing a wall. We want the space to be more colorful and more fitting for kid. We still want the space to be used by the children and we don’t want to split the rooms up into a computer room and then a lounging room. We want to bring the space together so that the kids can use the technology given in both spaces. In the room that only had bookshelves lining the walls we need a network outlet that allows for the computers to have Internet access. The computers will still need to be close to the wall in order to be connected to an electrical outlet and the network outlet. We are also going to give the DMBGC laptop computers that can be used in the lounging space as well. In order for the current desktops to still be used we have to build tables that will hold those computers and still allow for space in the room. Since DMBGC has computers in the space that had software for the children to use we decided to focus more on the space and how to alter it to make it more presentable to children.

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