Project Outputs

Technology Inventory

  • 12 desktop computers
  • 3 laptops
  • 1 image scanner
  • LCD photo tree (to be installed)

Space Implementation

Watch our progress as we put our plan into action.

Overall, our space implementation went according to our project plan.

First we deconstructed the existing site and evaluated what we had to work with. During this time we decided to go ahead and take our the L-shaped counter in the old computer lab and all of the shelving in the 2nd room. Then we painted the space with the help of Action Research.Illinois volunteers. Then with an immense amount of work from Martin, we built and installed new desks, cubbies, and new shelving. We still have plan to install an LCD screen photo tree and fix the ceiling between the two rooms, but we have not yet done this.

After this semester, the DMBGC will take over space implementation by adding furniture to the space.

Training and Documentation

We have included some simple guides for staff and student needs. These guides include directions on how to play computer games and instructions on using the scanner. Once the photo tree is built, we will add instructions on uploading digital photos to the LCD screens.

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