LIS451 Fall 2011 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

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Organizational Opportunity, Need, or Problem

The Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club has the space and the opportunity to provide for after school children, who need a place for both social and academic interest. However, their space is not being utilized optimally. On the second floor, there is a connected double room. It houses 12 computers, a number of bookshelves, and a couple blocky tables.  The walls are white, only sparsely accented by inspirational posters.  This room, despite its promise, is not being used to its fullest.

The need of the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club is to get this space updated and redesigned that would make it attractive to the older students.  As for technology upgrades, the computers are functional though have limited options for students who are requested not go on Youtube.  Instead, we wish to equip the computer with other options like educational games and video and music editing applications.  Because of the tightness of the Boys and Girls Club, this applications should all be open source and easily updated when necessary.

These additions of technical support, along with physical changes of furniture, should allow the space to be transformed into one that can benefit the range of Boys and Girls Club participants. At the moment, the are around 40 active members, in grades K-12, who come to the Boys and Girls Club for help with homework, to play games, and to hang out with their friends. It not only a social and academic space, but one for students whose parents work later than the school day.  The Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club students will greatly benefit from even more programs to participate in.

For more information about the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club, check out their website, here:

Project Summary

By the end of the semester, we want to make the upstairs computer lab and library space of the Don Moyer’s Boys and Girls Club an more welcoming place for individual and group work.  For this project we would like to install programs on the computers that would allow for the students to express their creative side as well as enjoy games to build on their learning experience. During our meeting with Debarah and Duwania, they pointed out that they wanted the children to do more with the computer, for example, instead of just watching videos on, create videos that can be posted on  The programs that we would like to install that would foster this idea would be Audacity, which is a free audio editor. To go along with this software we would like to have every computer equipped with headphones and microphones or a combination of both. Possibly purchasing splitters in case students want to collaborate on a project and be able to plug in two or more headphones into a computer tower. Also having a free video editing software so the students can create their own movies. Software like VirtualDub, which can be downloaded for free from the web would be ideal. Debarah mentioned that the club already has a video camera that can be used to make videos so we do not have to worry about purchasing any more video cameras.

As far as the space goes we would like to split it up so that the room that currently houses all the computers can be used as the tutoring or individual workspace. Since the room is set up in a way that fosters an individual working environment, we could keep it that way so students wanting to work alone or needing to just work with a tutor can do so there. For the room that currently has the bookshelves and tables we would like to turn that room into a group workspace. Duwania and Debarah had pointed out that they want the room to be used as a space where groups of students can come together and work on projects. We would like to see tables that can move about the room so the groups can create a space that would work best for their needs. Also having chairs in both the computer room and this future group space that are adjustable would be ideal because not all the students as the same height. For those students who don’t want to work in a group or individually should have a place to sit that is comfortable so having a comfortable couch or a couple of comfy chairs to relax in would also be perfect for the space. Also having a couple computers in the group work area would be great because students could work on video editing, homework, or play the educational games together and have room to move about freely. In the group working space we would like to place a projector and projector screen. This would be the perfect area to set something like that up and have showings of any special projects the students have created on the computers.  So far this is what we would like to happen in the space provided.

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