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Educational Web Sites

The following web sites are ones that we think can help the students and any other people who use the computer lab.

General educational game sites
Educational games and activities, primarily science.
More educational games– this one has geography and other subjects.
More educational games– mostly math and reading, some science, history, etc. Adults might like some of these too.
Game Goo– literacy and other games
Poisson Rouge is an amazing site. It contains lots of free fun and educational games and activities for children (approx. 3-7 years old). It is also beautifully designed, and completely ad free! Highly recommended!

In this nice collection of math activities, there are 15 different games designed to help children understand basic concepts in mathematics. There are games to learn counting, sorting, time, height and volume.
Algebasics is not an interactive piece of software, but rather like a kind of speaking, animated book where a teacher explains the mysteries of algrebra to you, over and over again if you like.

Build a Prairie science game. Learn about Prairie ecology.
The amazing Virtual Laboratory IrYdium allows students to select from hundreds of standard reagents and manipulate them in a manner that resembles that of a real chemistry laboratory. It allows students to design and perform diverse experiments. Requires Java.
In this physics simulation you can try out different physical experiments online. The expriments include springs, pendulums, rigid body collisions, molecules and even a sumo wrestling game for two players!

Foreign Languages
Learn Spanish
BBC Languages website. Practice your skills, test your abilities, and learn vocabulary for a variety of languages. Intended primarily for casual learners and travelers, but may be good for students who want to learn more practical vocabulary.

Purposegames is a website with serveral very good geography games, where you can learn about countries, capitals, mountains and rivers all over the world. This site is also very much a web 2.0-site, since users can add their own image quizzes to the site.
Have fun learning the countries, capitals, and geography around the world with these free online exercises and games. Exercises for all parts of the world are available: Europe, Asia, Oceania, USA etc. Written in Flash and runs in full-screen mode.

Literacy Phonics and reading games with Clifford (includes Spanish as well as English)
Reading games– includes phonics
Make your own comics– suggested as a writing game for kids and adults

Adult literacy
PBS Literacy Link has lessons on workplace/job searching skills and preparing for the GED. Registration is required to use the site, but it is free. (no longer active)
A newspaper for new readers
Story of the Week shares stories written by adult literacy students.
Western/Pacific Literary Network/CNN SF Learning Resources uses CNN and CBS news stories as the basis for literacy lessons.

Free Rice vocabulary game (playing the game apparently gets rice donated to UN food programs). Note: This starts out at a fairly difficult level (maybe SAT vocabulary), but adjusts to the user. It gets harder if you get answers right and easier if you get them wrong.
On this educational web site, you will find several free online vocabulary building games such as Hangman, WordSearch, Crosswords, Quiz, Match Game and Jumble.

Testing Free practice tests (some advertising for paid testing materials as well) for GED, SAT, TOEFL, ACT
GED sample questions
College Board SAT Preparation Center
Official ACT Test Prep site

Computer literacy
Mouse lessons
HTML Goodies HTML tutorial

Research and Homework Help

The Internet Public Library
Flashcards are a great study tool. Flashcard Exchange, the world’s largest flashcard library, lets users all over the world share their flashcards. At the time of writing, this amazing site includes 3,107,222 flashcards!