Project Plan


Our funds: $77. 62 -spent on  cable ties, clips for cabling, 5 port switch, ethernet cable (made by group). Also, the donated computers, staff and volunteers are included in resources as well.


451 group should refurbish computers provided by the class and update them with Windows XP and security programs. Computers are connected to a 5 port switch and positioned in a manner that meets with the fire code guidelines of the building. Group will describes to refuge center how to set up passwords,  and create travel packs for families who have successfully lived in the are allowed to take home computers.


The computers will help families that are searching for jobs and are in need of getting access to educational information for school work. While living at the refuge center, families will be given usb flash drives (provided by the center) to instill responsibility and to save documents, such as resumes. At the end of their stay, certain families will be awarded computers to take with them so they can continue their digital literacy education and enhance their job searching skills. Provide additional text describing the expected outcomes to be accomplished as a result of this semester’s project.


Overtime, the space will stay relatively the same as when it started except for the moving of furniture to accommodate with fire code guidelines. Eventually, families who has been staying at the refuge center will be given computers as mentioned earlier. Hopefully, this will be a project the Decatur Family Refuge can continue successfully as new families come and go. The 451 group has been following the guidelines of what the Refuge center and its director Kathleen Taylor have decided is best for the cite. No volunteers or 

How will this space evolve over time? How can sustainability and flexibility be engineered into the plan? How can we make this lab easy to change or upgrade after a period of several years? What role will documentation play?  What training can be provided to technology leadership within the organization to enable them to better support the space and the technology?

Project Transition Checklist


List the key milestones in the project, through transition of the technology to the organizational partner.  Include target dates and dates steps were completed

Decatur Family Refuge Dates:
Feb 24th 
initial visit- learned about DFR, Kathleen described what she wanted
April 3rd:

Need Notes:

  • 1 Cable for Downstairs
    • To put through the wall so it can go upstairs – run from switch to wall
    • maybe around 3 feet long?

Have Notes:

  • 2 monitors upstairs
  • 1 used, donated computer collected, brought to GSLIS
    • It should be operable – at least that is what we were told
    • No power cord/ AC Adapter
    • 2 memory
      • 256 MB
    • Maybe fan is broken?
      • extremely dusty
  • 3 chairs
  • 2 tables, approx 5 feet long

Other Notes:

  • Furniture arrangement will be changing – room should be rearranged by the next time we visit

  • Computers and TV Probably will not be running at the same time
  • Only things she wants to keep on the computers = educational software
    • educational applications
    • Microsoft Office
      • Look into Microsoft Office/other options that are cheap or free
      • Need to have Microsoft Office at the front desk
        • She still has one copy we can use for this
        • Also has 1 more copy of Adobe Professional, as well and another copy of Norton 5.0
      • All other computers can use Open Office
    • web browser
      • Social networking?
        • What to block/what not to block
        • They will sit down as a group and discuss this, then get back to us.
  • Wants to do all file saving on individual flash drives
  • Need computer at staff desk
    • are currently using personal laptops
  • They want headphones to use for the computers
  • We are going to have to make a lot of wire because we will need to wire the computers at the two tables, which will be across the room from each other.
April 24th:
Measure for Ethernet cable
April 27th:
Aisha and Han made ethernet cables during open lab hours
*March 27th, April 10th and April 17th, and April 24th

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