Project Activities and Outputs

Inventory of Technology Installed/Upgraded







The Decatur Family Refuge supplied one Dell computer to be refurbished and utilized in the public computer area. This computer required the installation of additional memory and fan/circuit cleaning (see Images above).

Project Team Thundercats have allotted 8 additional computers for the Decatur Family Refuge.

The Project Team plans on installing the computers at the Decatur Family Refuge in the following ways:

  • 4 computers will be refurbished and set up for use by residents.
  • 1 computer will be refurbished and set up for staff use.
  • 7 additional computers will be refurbished and donated for the Decatur Family Refuge (DFR) to give to families as they transition from DFR into new homes.

On April 17th, Project Team Thundercats installed Windows XP on PDS refurbished computers provided. These computers were not equipped with enough memory to run multiple security programs (AVG, PandaCloud,etc.) To counter this, optional programs were downloaded and updated including:

  • Java Application Software
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Tux Typing Program
  • Quicktime
  • Internet Browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome)
  • Open Office
  • Avast! Anti-virus
  • Educational Bookmarks:,,,
  • Upon further inspection, additional security software was added to insure absolute spyware and virus detection. The following software was added on 5/3/12 to supplement Avast!:
  • Ad-Aware
  • USB Vaccine
  • PandaCloud (will be added on site on 5/9/12 as it requires internet connection we did not have in lab)


Below: Refurbished computers are stacked up in the lab in Champaign, awaiting delivery by the project team.



Environmental Changes Made

Initially, the computers were to be in a common area on a single table. After a visit from the Fire Marshal for the Refuge’s monthly inspection, the director was told that placement of computers was hazardous in case of emergency.

Now, computer units will be split between two sides of the common room  to provide a clear walking path from back rooms to the front desk and exit.

Training and Documentation Provided

All applications, software, and security that has been installed on the computers has been set up so that necessary updates will occur automatically.

Once computers are installed, the Project Team will provide the Decatur Family Refuge staff with the user name and password information for the computers, along with instructions on how to change the user names and passwords installed on the computers. This will allow them to change passwords on the computers installed at the site to ensure that security can be maintained on the staff and resident computers.

The Project Team will also provide informational and instructional packets to go along with the computers that Decatur Family Refuge will give to transitioning families. In addition to this, all cables and cords that transitioning families will need to set up these computers in their new homes will be provided with each computer.

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