Decatur Family Refuge Spring 2012 Executive Summary

Organizational Opportunity

Decatur Family Refuge is a transitional residence for homeless families with children established in 2011. It remains one of few housing facilities that allows parents and children of various ages to remain together in a safe, structured environment. Its goals are to encourage healthy family relationships and improve emotional, financial and social health through guidance. As part of our project, the Decatur Family Refuge will receive several computer units to facilitate these goals. The use of technology empowers adults to improve basic computer literacy, while adopting skills to seek employment and interact with others. Children will use computers to complete homework to increase academic success, learn computer skills and spend time with family members using approved fun and educational programming.

Project Summary

Our goal for Decatur Family Refuge is to provide updated computer units for use by all its residence, adults and children alike. We will also provide adequate security for each unit, protecting the families’ personal information. Additionally, we will provide the Decatur Family Refuge staff with one administrator computer for long-term use. These computers will act as an immediate resource for families to interact while increasing their computer literacy. As many families transition from the Refuge over time, we will also offer additional computers for families to take with them upon leaving the facilities.

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