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1210 N. Neil St.
Champaign, IL 61820

Overview of Organization

The Culture Club is an organization for kids ages 4-15. The program includes children from varied backgrounds, from those who have a lot of after school options to those who have none. The children in the program come from diverse racial, economic, and social groups.

History of Organization

Dawn Blackman founded the Culture Club and ran it on her own for 7 years out of her sewing shop in downtwon Champaign. Two years ago, the program moved to the Church of the Brethren (at Neil and Bradley in Champaign) when the church adopted the program as part of their ministry. The program was once a part of the Champaign Park District and later became a program that she ran in her space as a part of Champaign Park District (?? THIS DOESN’T MAKE SENSE). However, due to administrative and financial issues, Dawn decided to break away from the Park District and run the program herself.

Summary of Organization’s Vision, Mission, and Goals

The aim of the Culture Club is to work in concert with parents and teachers to teach children important life skills, including manners and loading the dishwasher, and to learn how to empathize and be concerned about others. Some examples of the programs offered at the Cultural Club include:
-Take It Apart Tuesday, when children get to take apart electronic devices
-Making soup for the homeless shelter (the children get to eat some of the soup)
-Learning to sew and replicate native crafts as well as creating original designs
-Visiting senior citizens at the senior home nearby
-Watching one movie a week
-Visiting the book mobile
-Walking or taking the bus to local museums or the library

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